Why uPVC Profiles should be your first choice

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Okotech uPVC window and doors profiles

Your customers may be contemplating a variety of materials for their doors and windows. With this in mind, you may want to take another close look at Okotech uPVC window and doors profiles and tell your side of the story in a forthright and convincing manner.

Give them a new dimension to imagine. Make them see why Okotech is their best choice when compared to other uPVC profiles and also when compared to wooden or iron profiles. Win them over.

Enhance The Visual Appeal: 
One of the primary benefits associated with our uPVC profile is that it adds a sense of style, elegance and security, an iron or wooden door may not.

Okotech’s uPVC profiles for window and doors come in a wide array of designs along with a range of different types of color and lamination schemes. From a natural coloration to black to white to many other appealing options that can be crafted to complement the interiors and exteriors of your space.

Step Up The Level of Security:
Every customer has a strong desire to keep homes and commercial spaces safe, sound, and secure.

Okotech’s uPVC profiles for window and doors provide an extra level of security with their steel reinforcement and multipoint locking system. Apart from being sturdy and durable. They are not something that can be readily or easily penetrated.

Durable and Long Lasting:
You can also tell your customers that once they make an investment in an Okotech uPVC profile for window and door, they can plan on having it as part of their establishment for years to come.

Our uPVC profile is not destined to wear out. Rather, the only event that may cause the uPVC window and doors profiles to be replaced, if the day ever comes, is when they want a substantial design change.

Affordable & Economical:
Another key benefit of our uPVC profile for windows and doors is that it is an economical investment. Although a particular kind of Okotech uPVC window and door may prove to be a bit more expensive than some other less sturdy window and door option, an Okotech uPVC profile will outlast nearly any other type of door they might consider purchasing.

The long life associated with our uPVC profile for doors and windows makes it a truly wise investment. Over the long term, your customers will actually end up saving money, because they will not need to paint, varnish, or worry about corrosion, rust, or a white ant infestation.

Size Matters:
With our uPVC window and doors profiles, customers are granted more freedom as to what size their uPVC windows and doors can be. Our profiles can readily be designed, fashioned, and crafted to meet the unique specifications that will match their desired shape and size.
Whether they are building a new home, or remodeling an existing one, customers do not need to accept a one size fits all template when it comes to installing the perfect uPVC window and door for their buildings.

They just have to turn to you and to Okotech uPVC window and doors profiles and take full advantage of an array of marvellous designs and extraordinary benefits that are associated with installing Okotech uPVC windows and doors.


Particulars  uPVC Wood Iron
Surface Quality       Surface quality is maintainedRequires regular up keepingUneven. Corrosion sets in
Thermal InsulationExcellent protection from atmospheric heat transmission due to wider profile depth and conductivity, multi chamber section and low K valueFairPoor. Being a metal, it has a poor thermal insulation and high thermal conductivity
Fire ResistanceExcellentPoorFair
Acoustic InsulationExcellent. The multi-chamber sealed cavities and welded corners offers excellent acoustic from acoustic insulation propertiesFairPoor. The mechanically joint corners renders very poor result acoustic from acoustic insulation angle
Dimensional AccuraciesExcellent. Fabricated by state of art German sophisticated machines hence offers uniform quality control
Energy ConservationExcellent     ****Requires xx times the energy than that required to manufacture uPVC
Eco-FriendlinessExcellent. Lead free & easily recyclablePoor. Reduces tree coverPoor. Increases pollution
MaintenanceLess maintenance due to pristine appearance. No paint work or lubrication required. Just simple cleaning with any detergent will keep the profiles looking like newRequires regular painting & polishingRegular maintenance should be done
Security High. Lasts long. Much stronger, due to galvanized iron steel reinforcement. Multi-lock system adds to the securityGoodGood
Warping  Does not warp. Last for a life timeCan warpCan bend. Making closing difficult
Rot, Rusting or CorrodingDoesn’t Rot, Corrode or Rust.Changes due to climatic conditionsWill rust & corrode

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