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Wide Range Of Upvc Window & Door Profiles

Aparna Profiles Private Limited understands the modern day requirements of fabricators like no one else. Its commitment to delivering premium range of profiles does not stop at manufacturing, but enables its fabricator-partners to stay ahead of the their competitors. Offering ‘know-how’ assistance and guiding fabricators with technical expertise as and when needed. The company is certified: ISO 9001-2015; OSHAS 18001-2007; ISO 14001-2015.

Aparna Profiles Pvt. Ltd. can also provide all the necessary hardware for fabrication, if required. Ökotech uPVC profiles conform to the strictest European standard specification: EN 12608:2003. and all products are certified for Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS).

Ö5 Profile Series

Being the experts that we are in the uPVC windows and doors systems manufacturing business, great importance, and rigorous practices take precedence at every stage of manufacturing process. To attain consistent quality, Ökotech facility is equipped with technologically superior German equipment. In the end, the result is nothing short of premium lead free uPVC profiles.

Ö5 Profile Sliding Series

Ökotech brings you a uPVC profile product range that is a reflection of your customers’ lifestyle a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. Ökotech uPVC profiles are 100% eco-friendly and backed by superior German manufacturing technology.

Benefits of Ö5 Profile Sliding Series

  • Requires minimal space
  • Perfect solution for small rooms
  • Sliding solutions create additional living space open
  • Highly effective sealing system for exposed areas
    such as high-rise buildings
  • The solution for installation situations where conventional
    sliding elements cannot be used optimally due to tightness
    and efficiency

Ö7 Profile Series

Ökotech offers complete flexibility, allowing customers to make quite the statement with its innovative technologies and optimized insulation values. Yet, Ökotech not only allows you to excel in delivering interior values but also surpass your competitor by being in a position to offer your customers the widest range of design options to choose from.

Ö7 Profile Sliding Series

Ökotech uPVC window and door profile sliding systems are the perfect room-opening solutions. By using Ökotech uPVC profiles, fabricators will be able to impress their customers with a range of space-saving sliding and ventilation solutions. While always keeping an eye on the design, comfort and sustainability of the solutions they offer and achieve the best possible result for their customers.

Benefits Ö7 Sliding Series

  • Lead-free uPVC profiles
  • Multi-chamber uPVC profiles
  • uPVC profiles sized to 60 mm width and 52 mm height
  • Large glass surfaces serve to enhance the ambience in living spaces
  • Wall thickness ranges from 2.2 to 2.5 mm
  • Equipped to produce 7 feet height doors
  • Sliding elements ensure optimal tightness whatever the weather
  • Backed by German technology to offer great combination of uPVC profiles for windows & doors

Ö7 Profile Casement Series

Ökotech uPVC casement window profile systems are more than just openings to the world: Their individual design plays a key role in determining the overall look of a building. As part of the facade, windows must therefore meet more than just the highest demands in quality and security, the customer of today places great value on colour, form and function.

Benefits Ö7 Casement Series

  • Even in small homes the casement series offer a space-saving connection
    to the outside and create valuable additional indoor living space
  • Highly effective sealing system for exposed areas such as high-rise buildings
  • Lead-free uPVC profiles
  • Multi chamber uPVC profiles
  • uPVC profiles sized to 60 mm width and 52 mm height
  • Wall thickness ranges from 2.2 to 2.5 mm
  • Right elements reduce noise pollution by 40dBA
  • Ideal solution for installation situations where conventional sliding elements cannot be use optimally due to tightness and efficiency

Ö10 Profile Series

Ökotech Ö10 profile series leads the door systems segment with the advantage of manufacturing equipment from Germany. Ökotech uPVC systems are meticulously engineered to deliver excellence through a set of rigorous quality checks. The systems have high weatherability, high malleability and pollution-resistant.

Ö10 Profile Sliding Series

The site, building and residents are all unique. Hence, there cannot be a “one size fits all” approach. And taking decisions based on price alone will not be enough to make a sound decision. Ökotech doors can be configured to the specific requirements in order to fulfil the demands of customers desire, “my kind of home needs my kind doors.” Anything less will be a compromise.

Benefits of Ö10 Sliding Series

  • Lead-free uPVC profiles
  • Multi chamber uPVC profiles
  • Our uPVC profiles come with a wall thickness of 2.8mm +/- 0.2mm which is superior to    competitors
  • Equipped to provide 10 feet height doors
  • The 4 track uPVC profiles are manufactured to accommodate 8 panels with up to 18 feet width and 10 feet height doors
  • Equipped to provide partition doors with a width of more than 10 meters
  • Backed by technology to provide doors with up to 12 to 13 feet width and 8 feet height with only 2 panels

Auxilary Profiles

Ökotech offers auxiliary uPVC profiles for use in Door and Window systems. These products are designed to increase the application shapes windows and doors. Fabricators prefer these products so as to meet and exceed end users’ expectations. Many of Ökotech auxiliary profiles can be used in common with almost all uPVC door and window systems. They add longevity and are visually integrated with the systems they are used in.


Steel Reinforcement

Ökotech is the market leading supplier of galvanised steel reinforcement sections,offering custom-made galvanized steel reinforcements with varied thicknesses, as per requirements. This enables fabricators to eliminate any saw cutting during their fabrication process. Saving time and costs.