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Ă–kotech tailor-made uPVC Villa Windows are individually crafted to ensure precision fit and blend functionality, safety and style without compromising or overshooting the budgets. Our Villa windows not only enhance aesthetics and lifestyles but also improve the quality of life of those residing within those spaces.


Villa Window

Features & Benefits

  • Ă–KOTECH uPVC villa window profiles have multi chambered sections and come with a unique double seal mechanism to make interiors highly energy efficient
  • Higher heat insulation capability of OKOTECH uPVC villa window keep interiors stay cool in summer and warm in winters. Reduce AC running time and help cut power bills up to 30%
  • The glass provided for OKOTECH uPVC villa windows can be double or even triple glazed to reduce UV radiation as well as act as a barrier to sound. uPVC villa windows reduce outside noise levels up to 40dBA. Increasing comfort levels and reducing stress
  • These profiles are designed to withstand high wind velocities due to the ”hurricane Bar” inserted into the profile. 100% leak-proof under all weather conditions. The profiles do not fade nor deform due to harsh sunlight or high UV radiation
  • The profile material does not support combustion because of the specially formulated profile material mix act as an effective fire retardant
  • The window profiles are totally lead-free, consume less power when extruded and are completely recyclable as they contain Greenline calcium zinc stabilizers for eco-friendliness