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├ľkotech customers would want everything to be an extension of their taste and style, including the kind of uPVC windows & doors they choose. As an ├ľkotech fabricator partner you can meet all your customer demands without compromising on quality, price or deadlines. Exceed expectations.

Coloured Profile

Customers can choose the colours they want. Enhancing the look of their home and office spaces. They can also opt for windows and doors with one colour on the inside, and a totally different one for the outside.


As an ├ľkotech fabricator-partner, you can offer customers a range of lamination & texture options, including natural wood finish in Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany. Or simply an elegant white.


Dark Oak



Golden Oak


Offer your customers a wide choice of glass. Filter sunlight with tinted glass, soak in great views with clear glass, get the benefit of enhanced security with laminated glass. If some customers prefer enhanced privacy, they can opt for frosted glass.

Tinted Glass

Laminated Glass

Clear Glass

Frosted Glass

Glazing Types

Your customers can choose between single, double or triple glazed glass units for the ├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors you will fabricate. Deliver on thermal efficiency, and for increased security, customers can opt for toughened glass.

single glazing uPVC windows and doors

Single Glazing Single glazing includes just one single layer of glass.

double glazing uPVC windows and doors customization options

Double Glazing In double glazing, two layers of glass are sealed together with an air space left in between the two for better thermal performance.

o 10 profile series uPVC windows and doors

Triple Glazing Triple glazing refers to three layers of glass sealed together with an air space left in between the three layers for better thermal performance.

Mesh Options

Fiberglass, stainless steel or pet-resistant ÔÇö├ľkotech uPVC window and door profiles are designed to suit multiple mesh options to keep mosquitoes and other insects away without obstructing views or blocking ventilation.

SS Mesh A strong and durable mesh option that offers clear visibility to the outside. It gives improved ventilation and is corrosion and rust free.

Fiber Mesh Fiber mess coated with Vinyl is commonly preferred as a mesh material in windows & doors. It does not corrode, dent, rust or unravel and is affordable and easy to install.


Offer clients customized grills. Enhancing not only the aesthetics of the ├ľkotechu PVC windows and doors, but the entire
fa├žade of the structure. Give customers the choice of fixing the grills onuPVC window frame itself, or follow the traditional installation

Hardware options

Offer customers customization of not just the profile, colour, texture and glass, but give them the options of picking the
hardware that they want on their ├ľkotech windows and doors.