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Slide and Fold Door

Ă–kotech uPVC slide and fold doors are designed for maximum flexibility. The doors come with a sash to enable movement in either direction easily and can be stacked to one end to sit flush into the wall. Ideal for anyone who wants to blend the indoor with the outdoor. An Ă–kotech uPVC slide and fold Door is the easiest way to bring a touch of sophistication and style to any house.


Villa Window

Features & Benefits

  • The doors are multi-chambered, making them extra durable and increases thermal conductivity
  • They feature a hurricane bar option that makes them strong enough to withstand heavy winds or storms, especially in multi-storey buildings and coastal areas
  • The design function allows opening of the slide and fold door to open fully or partially -- providing plenty of natural light, ventilation and fresh air as and when desired
  • Durable nylon rollers at the bottom of the frames allow the sliding and folding door panels to move smoothly on the track. An extra track can be added so that a mesh or a grill can be fitted
  • Like all the other uPVC solutions, the doors are water tight, energy efficient and soundproof. A rain track incorporates a free-flowing drain system to prevent water logging
  • Fully customizable to suit your design, style and colour preferences. Ă–kotech uPVC slide and fold Doors do not need painting. Easy to maintain and they don’t bend, wrap or corrode and are termite-proof