uPVC arch home windows

Perfect Pairings: Matching uPVC Arch Windows with Your Home’s Exterior Style

May Mon, 2024

The rapid installation of uPVC arch home windows requires meticulous construction planning, but their aesthetic value to any home’s facade is undeniable. Whether your property has a colonial, contemporary, or victorian style, these uPVC arch window options will complement your style. 

About uPVC Arch Windows:

uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) arch home windows provide longevity, power effectiveness and reduced upkeep. Their flexible layout permits personalisation in different forms and dimensions, consisting of elegant arcs that add personality to any exterior. Thanks to uPVC’s weather-resistant homes, these windows maintain their elegance and capability for many years. 

Tips for Matching uPVC Arch Windows: 

Victorian Style:

  • Consider uPVC arch windows with ornamental features like coloured glass or georgian bars and precise measurements.
  • You may bring out the most exquisite details in victorian design when accessorising with soft or pastel tones.
  • If you want your uPVC arch windows to have a more authentic victorian look, try matching them with corbels, braces, or lovely mouldings.

Modern Style:

  • Narrow profiles, concealed appliances, and sleek uPVC arch windows are a few ways to simplify your design.
  • When choosing a modern style with contemporary furniture, stick to neutral colours like white, black, and grey.
  • The best way to maximise natural light and airflow for modern homes is with large, floor-to-ceiling uPVC arch windows.

Colonial Style:

  • The uPVC arch window exemplifies colonial style with its well-proportioned design and distinct lighting.
  • Blend tan, brownish, or off-white hues into the colonial home’s warm, traditional colour scheme.
  • Shutters or flowerpots would be a lovely addition to go with the outside curving windows and give it that colonial charm.

Benefits of uPVC Arch Windows:


uPVC arch home windows are immune to rot, rust and insects, making specific durable efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

The outstanding insulating features of uPVC arch house windows allow them to save energy and money.

Low Maintenance

uPVC arch house windows low maintenance requirements are a huge time saver for homeowners compared to wood or steel windows.