warranty with okotech

Guarantee without
any conditions applied!

without any conditions applied!

With all our products, we ensure that
you face minimum to no inconvenience.

  • All our uPVC products are guaranteed to not discolour or
    degenerate structurally for a period of 10 years after installation
  • All mechanical parts and hardware such as locks, hinges,
    and handle tear are guaranteed against malfunction under
    normal use for a period of 1 year after installation

Guarantee Certificate will commence on the date of completion and will come into force once the full and final payment has been received and cleared by Aparna Enterprises Limited.

Since the warranty becomes void if

Defects arising from misuse, willful or accidental damage and neglect.

Damage occurs due to external factors such as weather and harsh environments.

Windows were removed and reinstalled by an unauthorized service provider.

Damage due to civil work being carried out after installation at the premises or at an adjoining property.

We have few maintenance instructions that will help you keep your windows
and doors as good as new for the foreseeable future.

Glass Cleaning

Since the glass tends to get scratches over time, it can be taken care by using a glass cleaner and soft cloth.


On a yearly basis, remove the dirt and debris from the moving parts. You can lightly oil the moving parts with simple machine oil. Do not use metal polish or harsh cleaning products.

Outer Frame & Sash Upkeep

Use a soft cloth to clean the internal and external surfaces of the frame to remove any grime or dust. Clean with a mild liquid detergent solution and rinse with water to remove any stubborn marks.

Hardware Maintenance

Key-way & latch should be free from dirt, debris & obstruction.

Generously apply petroleum jelly or grease on each additional bolt for smooth functioning of lock.

Clean & lightly grease the track annually with petroleum jelly.