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Benefits At A Glance

Among all the fittings in your space, nothing is more important than ├ľkotech uPVC Windows & Doors. They are built with three most important factors in mind: sustainability (energy efficiency), style and security. Remember, they help keep your interiors cool in summer and warm during the winter months. So donÔÇÖt compromise.

Strength, Quality, & Innovation

Save up to 30% on power bills

├ľkotech uPVC window and door systems provide high heat insulation capability. The interiors stay cool in summer and warm in winters

Cut Noise up to 40 dB

├ľkotech uPVC windows & doors cuts outside noise levels. Reducing stress and increasing comfort

Optimal Insulation Against Heat

├ľkotech uPVC profiles have multi chambered sections and come with a unique double seal mechanism to make interiors highly energy efficient

Maximum Water Tightness

One of the main assets of ├ľkotech uPVC window and door systems is that it is 100% leak-proof under all-weather condition

Increased UV protection & Profile Stability

The glass provided for ├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors can be double or even triple glazed to reduce UV radiation. The profile does not fade nor deform due to harsh weather conditions.

Maximum Wind Resistance

├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors withstand very high wind velocities due to the ÔÇŁhurricane BarÔÇŁ inserted into the profile. Ideally suited for even high rise buildings close to the sea, where they are exposed to highly corrosive conditions with strong winds and cyclonic weather.

Fire Retardant

├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors do not support combustion because of the specially formulated profile material mix used.

Environment Friendly

├ľkotech uPVC window and door profiles are totally lead-free, consume less power when extruded and are completely recyclable as they contain Greenline calcium zinc stabilizers for eco-friendliness.


├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors do not rot, wrap nor corrode and are 100% termite proof. Durable and continue to operate smoothly even after many years of constant use.

Minimal Maintenance

├ľkotech uPVC windows and doors do not require painting and need minimal maintenance to keep looking good.