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While others offer only windows and door profiles, Ökotech also specialises in making ventilators. These uPVC Ventilators and Louvre panels come with customised blade types and frame choices so that builders and home owners can opt for them as an integral part of a window system or order separately foruse as stand-alones. In either case, your customers can expect premium products that are not only lead-free and eco-friendly but also deliver blades and frames that are of greater strength and higher accuracy.


Villa Window

Features & Benefits

  • Ventilators invite more light and breeze into the indoor space, resulting in the circulation of fresh air throughout
  • Ventilators prevent humidity in the interior spaces and aid in eliminating bad odour from indoor spaces of homes and offices
  • Ventilators protect indoor spaces from damages caused due to stale atmosphere, such as peeling of wall paints and corrosion of metal fixtures
  • Equipping interiors with ventilators improves quality of health and reduces the risk of respiratory diseases by monitoring the pollution levels of air within the indoor premises, thereby keeping the interior spaces well ventilated and hygienic
  • Ventilators provide a durable and elegant solution for proper ventilation and lighting, that creates a majestic appeal for compact interior spaces as well
  • Ventilators support the function of ventilation in an indoor space by allowing consistent circulation of air