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Arch Window

Not everyone is comfortable with a standard, rectangular shaped window and creating the perfectly arched window is a specialized process and a skill that Ökotech has developed. It can produce uniquely configured uPVC arch windows with customized reinforcement. Making it easier for you to find the perfect fit for your property.


Features & Benefits

  • Ökotech unique custom-made uPVC Arch windows ranging from narrow rounded arch windows to very wide arch windows. No matter which one you choose, both styles add the right amount of elegance to your space
  • Ökotech uPVC Arch windows have multi-chambered frames to reduce heat loss and improve thermal performance. They comes with a strong and robust frame and are available with advance locking and security system
  • Ökotech uPVC Arch windows maintain their integrity and adopt to extreme heat & cold, heavy rainfall, high wind conditions carrying corrosive sea water
  • Stringent quality control and safety guidelines ensure that uPVC Arch Windows consistently deliver flawless performance, cost-effectiveness and remain eco-friendly
  • All uPVC arch windows are individually crafted by fully qualified and trained technicians using the highest quality materials and German machines – providing you with the best possible end product
  • Ökotech has the capacity to deliver all types of arched windows efficiently to suit your project needs and specifications and have a quick turn-around time-frames