Comparison between steel window profiles and uPVC window profiles.

Jun Thu, 2018

Steel and uPVC profiles are the most versatile products used in India. They are widely popular as well. Wooden windows were replaced with steel window profiles and aluminum had a market share back then as well. Their lies a fundamental difference between both the materials. While steel window frames were widely accepted at one point, uPVC window profiles overtook and have since steadily built a household name for itself in the windows and doors industry.

Let us understand the difference between steel window profiles and uPVC window profiles and then pick the one which is the best suited to your living space:

  • Strength:

uPVC window profiles are highly versatile, durable and strong. They can withstand tropical rains, high-speed winds and are humid proof. uPVC window profiles have a core innate strength which may look dismissive from their light weight. Whereas steel window profiles are heavy duty and are strong, they are able to withstand windows but often succumb to wear and tear.

  • Durable:

uPVC window profiles are highly durable and can last a lifetime. They never require painting and do not rust, warp or corrode. Steel window profiles are prone to rust and require expensive paint to look new from time to time. They are prone to corrode as well with years of use and may require change.

  • Flexibility:

uPVC window profiles are flexible and can be moulded into any shape of window profile. While steel window profiles are not at all flexible. It can only be used in forms in which sections originally exists.

  • Maintenance:

uPVC window profiles require very low maintenance. They do not lose their shine and require an occasional wipe to remain clean. Their innate glossy finish helps them remain new forever. While steel window profiles have a high maintenance cost, it rusts and due to its ductile property can cause brittles in the structure.

  • Fire resistance:

uPVC window profiles are self-extinguishing – it will not allow the fire to spread due to fire retardant used in the mix. All of Okotech’s uPVC profiles are manufactured to DIN standards. Steel uPVC profiles have very low resistance against fire. They lose their strength when there is a fire hazard.

With these facts, it is very simple to understand that uPVC window profiles are the way to go. For additional information explore  and discover various customizable uPVC window profile designs with us.

Steel window profiles and uPVC window profiles