How to tell the best window profiles from a bad one?

Nov Sun, 2022

Best Upvc window profiles: With umpteen brands manufacturing uPVC profiles, the uPVC industry has swelled into a large cesspool with every brand claiming they are the best. One might think it would be easy to spot the deferent’s between the window profiles. But is it that easy? Can one figure out if they have purchased the best window profiles or not?

We usually trust the most premium brands and feel that they produce the best Upvc window profiles. Yet, it still does not guarantee if we have the best window profiles or if it is worth our money. So how does one find out? With a little knowledge, that’s how.

Has does your window profile get a grade A rating?

If your window profile is designed with lead-free substances and pertains to the European market standards, the rating of the window profile shoots forward. If galvanized steel reinforcements are used then it takes your window profiles’ rating up to an A.

Now that we understand what makes it takes a make the best window profile get a grade A rating.

Let us decipher which attributes can make you differentiate between the best window profiles from a lousy one:

  • Use of raw materials:

If the beginning of the manufacturing procedure is impeccable, then the product designed is perfect. The beginning depends on the use and quality of raw materials. Many manufacturers compromise on the quality and quantity of raw materials, this leads to the creation of thin and weak window profiles. Few of the niche and trusted uPVC profile manufacturers use superior level of raw materials and add their unique composition as well which produces the best window profiles.

  • Technology:

To produce numerous uPVC window profiles at one go uPVC manufacturers compromise on their technological aspects. They use cheaper technological substitutes and produce in bulk while the quality is inferior. This leads to the production of brittle profiles and after a while, the profiles corrode, dent and rot. A few premium uPVC manufacturers use globally acclaimed German technology to provide the best window profiles which are precise, dimensionally accurate and have a great surface finish.

  • Energy efficient:

The best window profiles are manufactured with lead-free substances and lighter compounds. While the substandard window profiles are designed with ash to create thinner profiles and it does not have any energy saving ability. With the use of properly produced window profiles, one can save up to 30% energy and keep the space insulated as well.

  • Durability:

Inferior window profiles are not resistant to any weather condition and can suffer damage at any point. The best window profiles are produced with sturdy compounds and sound technology, which makes them durable for a lifetime. They can last for more than 30 years.

It is very difficult at times to differentiate the best window profile from a bad one. Hence it is wise to do proper research and trust only premium brands.

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