About us!

What make Ökotech uPVC profile solutions stand out is the way you and we can go about bringing the most environment friendly window and door systems to life. Ökotech uses a proprietary uPVC formulation to extrude profiles that are lead-free and non-toxic. And helps you customize a whole range of world class uPVC window & door systems that offer energy efficiency, save money and deliver flawless performance over their entire lifecycle.

*CODE GREEN is the internationally accepted environment friendly performance metrics covering energy saving, water efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions, improved indoor environmental quality, stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts.

We Customize Solutions
We don’t take the “one size fits all” approach. Ökotech helps you craft unique uPVC window & door solutions to help you meet exacting customer requirements and demands.

Build a responsive Team
Ökotech trains your team in fabrication, installation and post-sales support. As an Ökotech partner fabricator, you can access all the expertise you need from one source 365 day.

Collaborate & Succeed
You and us are both experts in our fields. You know what you want to achieve, and we know how to help you fulfil it. Besides, together we will deliver world class uPVC window & door solutions that work flawlessly.

Simplify Solutions
Ökotech speaks your language so that every aspect of your profile and fabrication requirement is fully understood and your team is trained to deliver solutions that work.

‘YOU’ Centric
Ökotech works with you to help you fabricate uPVC window & door systems to surpass American & European standards. Deliver products that are robust, last long and require minimal maintenance.

Thrive on Results
Ökotech focuses on delivering a positive outcome for you. Trains its partner fabricators in tracking, measuring and monitoring everything you do. Be proactive, rather than reactive.

Love our Planet
You and us will work to leave behind a planet that is better than the one we inherited.


High Wall-Thickness

Multi Chambered

8-Parts of Titanium

RoHS Certified

24/7 Quality Monitoring

100% Recyclable, Lead-Free


Along with providing world class range of Ökotech uPVC window and door profiles, we support our fabricator- partners with training and technical advice and marketing your products.

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When it comes to specifying a uPVC windows & doors system for your clients, nothing can beat an Ökotech. Aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and extremely affordable.

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Whether you are constructing a residential complex or a commercial project, you would like to settle for proven products that deliver optimal performance.

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Home Owners

Depending on the kind of aesthetics your home has traditional, period or contemporary style Ökotech uPVC window & door solutions can be tailor-made to match your project needs and to suit your style.

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