uPVC Profiles Industry

Indian uPVC profiles industry outlook for 2021 and beyond

Dec Thu, 2020

The real estate sector in India has experienced a phenomenal growth over the past 15 years, driven by speeding urbanization, changing lifestyles, government initiatives and increased need for infrastructure. uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is one such building material that has successfully replaced wood and other traditional materials as one of the preferred materials for Indian homes, hospitals, offices and other infrastructure projects.

There are several uPVC profile benefits to look for, in terms of functionality – thermal insulation, sound resistance, water tightness, great look and appearance, while also providing long term durability with minimal required maintenance, and that’s why the uPVC windows and doors market was a game changer for architects, builders, fabricators and consultants.

Apart from that uPVC profile benefits exceed by cutting electricity bills by up to 30%. They are able to withstand high velocity winds, providing high security while also avoiding corrosion, rust or rot. They last for years without dis-colouration or weathering. Finally, they are lead-free and are better than wood, making them an eco-friendly choice.

Considering their proven efficiency in harsh weather conditions, tropical as well as coastal areas, uPVC has become one of the preferred materials for doors and windows in India. Noticing this rise in the uPVC profiles market, there has been an expected increase in entrepreneurs in the uPVC fabrication business, with new-comers as well as existing fabricators switching to uPVC as their primary material for fabrication.

The uPVC profiles industry in 2021

The Indian uPVC profiles market was estimated at a little over 7.8 thousand crores in 2018 and is predicted to reach over 13.2 thousand crores by the end of 2025, growing at a compound rate of 7.8% from 2019 to 2025. This is mostly due to rise in urbanisation and incline in the number of high-rise buildings.

The impact of the Make in India initiative

The uPVC profiles industry has been evolving quickly since the push given by government initiatives like Make in India, due to which people are now opting for leading Indian brands such as Ökotech, Encraft and Prominance. This was not the case up until recently where people were settling for cheap and low-quality products from other countries.

Other initiatives like PMAY (urban and gramin) that aim at ‘housing for all’ by 2022 – have also contributed majorly in the growth of the uPVC windows and doors market. Quality is a motivating force and a major priority for people in the construction business of new homes or in renovating existing ones; and uPVC windows of leading brands like Ökotech are high-quality and high-performance.

Make your future a success

Demand for uPVC windows and doors is on the rise, hence more and more entrepreneurs are entering this lucrative uPVC fabrication business. However, the uPVC profiles industry is not as organised as can be.

There is no standardisation or a guideline to follow, and as the Indian customer is price sensitive, fabricators operating in the unorganized sector have compromised on quality to make a profit.

To discourage this practice, responsible uPVC manufacturers like Ökotech have taken it upon themselves to create awareness for uPVC as a superior material, standardising quality and ensuring that Made in India uPVC profiles meet international standards.

The efforts made so far have paid off. Consumers are getting quality products at a reasonable price and capable fabricators are gaining a reputation for being genuine producers of high quality uPVC windows and doors.

Why Ökotech

Ökotech is one of India’s leading uPVC profile manufacturers and has an established, robust, and wide network of fabricator-partners, strategically located in major cities and towns across the country. It is also on the lookout for committed fabricator partners to help meet the growing nationwide demands for Ökotech uPVC products.

Ökotech offers its fabricator-partners a wide range of high-quality uPVC window and door profiles, customized to meet a diverse range of customer needs. Precision engineered using world-class technology, all Ökotech profiles are  lead-free and hence eco-friendly and recyclable.

Ökotech support programs extended to our partnering fabricators, helps them acquire new capabilities, gain confidence and grow their business. Offering its expertise through comprehensive training, technical advice, and marketing support. Training in high-quality assembly and installation processes to the kind of support service that delights customers.

These are among the many reasons why you need to partner with Ökotech. A business partner whose objective is to benefit your business and help you succeed.

Disclaimer: The facts and figures provided in this article have been picked from various sources of 2019 and 2020, and Ökotech assumes no responsibility for the correctness, completeness, usability and timeliness of the information present in this blog article.