Difference between uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows

Feb Mon, 2024

There are a dozen types of windows out there that bring different advantages to the table. Selecting the perfect uPVC window for your home or office is a crucial task and it all eventually comes down to your personal needs and preferences. Let’s dive into the benefits, functions and distinctions between the two most preferred styles of windows – uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows.

Why uPVC?

uPVC windows are far superior and provide way more benefits than any other traditional choice of material such as wood or steel. They are energy efficient – reducing electricity bills by up to 30% and they cut down noise by up to 40 decibels. They are leak proof, fire-resistant and do not corrode, warp or rust, thus prevent dis-coloration or weathering. They are also strong enough to withstand high-velocity winds and provide enhanced security. They are also extremely durable, lasting for years with minimal maintenance.

uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows or Side Hung windows can be opened from the inside as well as the outside. These windows have outer frames that are connected to the sash through friction hinges. They are available in a variety of combinations of fixed and openable patterns and sizes; and can be customised as per your needs, since they suit all types of spaces and interiors.

Casement windows provide easy access as they come without any obstruction railings. They are offered in various minimum to maximum height and width ranges with versatile designs, which makes them an ideal choice for installation in existing spaces in less time without compromising the existing frame or the interior walls.

Special features of uPVC casement windows:

  • Brings in more sunlight and improves ventilation
  • Double seal system provides superior noise insulation
  • Energy efficient
  • Multi-point locking enhances safety and security
  • Casement windows are suited for tall but narrow openings

uPVC Sliding Windows

If you are looking for a polished and modern look, sliding windows are your best option. They are the perfect choice where space is a limitation. They are very easy to operate as they come with two sashes and rollers at the bottom, providing smooth side movements.

Providing plenty of sunlight and ventilation, sliding windows are an ideal choice for large openings, as they have less frame and more glass – like in your bedrooms or balconies, also giving unhindered views of the outdoors.

Special features of uPVC sliding windows:

  • Horizontal sash movement provides better and flexible ventilation
  • Noise, dust, heat, and pollution resistant
  • Wide variety of designs and colors
  • Suited for wide openings

Apart from the features mentioned above, both uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows are extremely easy to maintain and highly durable. Unlike wood and other materials, they do not need frequent maintenance and look as good as new for years to come.

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