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Depending on the kind of aesthetics your home has — traditional, period or contemporary style — Ökotech uPVC window & door solutions can be tailor-made to match your project needs and to suit your style.

Another factor to consider is, usually home owners face the prospect of trying to make a standard size window or door work in a space that really calls for something larger, wider or even smaller.

With an Ökotech uPVC window and door systems, homeowners now have the freedom to choose the size they want their windows and doors to be. We design and crafts windows and doors to meet any specifications to match homeowner’s desires.

Whether you are building a new home, or remodelling an existing one, homeowners can take full advantage of an array of unique designs and extraordinary benefits that are associated by having an uPVC window and door systems installed in the premises.

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Frequetly Asked Questions

Will they suit my specific style of home?

The beauty of Ökotech uPVC windows and doors is simply how inherently flexible they are, capable of being engineered in an array of attractive styles and designs. Ökotech uPVC windows can be fitted in a casement, tilt & turn, vertical slider, flush sash fashion and more, and likewise Ökotech uPVC doors come in bifold, patio, French, and traditional entrance designs.

Do they make use of any security features?

Ökotech ensures your home has extra layers of security, because the reality is that there are thieves in operation across the country, and homeowners should do everything they can to keep themselves and their residents safe. Which is why, Ökotech provides steel bars and multi-point locking systemss are all affordable and easy to install, so the addition of one or two of them should be seen as essential. Hopefully, nobody will ever try to test their durability, but you will be glad of the extra protection in the event that someone does try.

How long do they last?

Ökotech uPVC windows and doors offer several benefits. They are made very strong and rigid material, which is perfect for use in doors and window structures. Further, Ökotech is very durable and has a long life span. In fact, Ökotech is considered extremely cost-efficient for the purpose of making doors and windows.

How much looking after do they need?

Virtually none! Ökotech uPVC windows and doors need incredibly low-maintenance. You’ll never need to spend vast amounts on their upkeep in order to keep them looking good and performing well for years. Ökotech uPVC does not let dust and pollutants accumulate on its surface easily. Further, cleaning doors and windows is also very simple. You can clean them simply with the help of a wet cloth, or use soapy water/ surface cleaner for the purpose. Your Ökotech windows and doors will become sparkling clean and as good as new with every cleansing. Ökotech recommends using a good quality glass cleaner to regularly clean your windows and your window frames. The trick however, is to use two cloths; one for wet cleaning and another cloth for polishing your windows. Ökotech also strongly recommend using a silicone spray to keep all your moving parts in good working order. Use regularly but sparingly to extend the life of your window units. Never using penetrating oils to lubricate hinges, locks or handles.

Are they expensive?

One, the cost works out to be lesser when compared to teak. Two, Ökotech has a very long life and durability. Ökotech uPVC windows and doors are considered to bear a much higher return on investment as compared to the other traditional materials used for the purpose. Ökotech uPVC windows and doors have become popular in the country and largely due to their relative affordability compared to timber alternatives. This allows homeowners to enjoy exceptional performance and style while saving money, allowing them to invest it elsewhere in their property.

What styles can I have them in?

The uPVC industry has advanced considerably over the last decade. Numerous different types and styles of windows and doors have become popular and are now available which means you can choose from a variety of of styles to suit your property. Choosing new uPVC windows and doors is not as simple as it once was and you are now expected to consider a wide variety of styles and colour choices before you can even consider the cost and choosing a brand! Ökotech uPVC Window and Door systems go beyond style, while this is a must-have in any home, you must also consider other factors it brings home – reduced energy bills, keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter, decrease the noise levels that come from outside.

Where do I call in case of issues with Ökotech product?

Call us direct or call the Ökotech partner-fabricator who installed your products in your premises. All calls are monitored for assessing customer response quality and their satisfaction of the support extended.