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Along with providing world class range of Ă–kotech uPVC window and door profiles, we support our fabricator- partners with training and technical advice and marketing your products.

As a matter of fact, we have successfully help set up over 64 fabricator-partner businesses in several strategically located cities and major towns across Western, Northern and North Eastern states of India.

We’re confident that we can not only help setup your uPVC fabrication facility but also help grow your business. If interested in partnering with us or exploring business possibilities in your area, please contact.

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Frequetly Asked Questions

What technology do you use?

Do you want a refreshingly unpressured and knowledgeable approach to choosing uPVC windows and doors? As your local, independent windows and doors specialist company, Ökotech offers you a relaxed and friendly service, and great value. Choose from our extensive range of Ökotech products and enjoy the highest quality as well as professional design and installation. Products of German engineering and precision. Made at a state-of-the-art production facilities using world class processes and raw materials. By providing beautiful windows and doors Ökotech aims to enhance your home and lifestyle. While Windows and Doors aren’t yet at a point where they can automatically open/close, Ökotech is sure to there when this technology is available.

Do you provide customization?

At Ă–kotech we do provide Customization. Choosing the right colour and texture of the uPVC profiles is the first step towards designing an aesthetically pleasing space. Ă–kotech understands this rising trend and hence gives you a wide variety of laminated uPVC profiles to choose from. The laminated uPVC profile choices provided by Ă–kotech are Mahogany, Walnut, Golden Oak, Dark Oak and Rustic Oak. Along with these options, there are more laminated uPVC profiles available with us.

What range of profile designs does Ă–kotech offer do you deliver across India?

Yes. Ă–kotech is widely represented in over 64 strategic cities and locations and more partner-fabricators are coming on boards to meet the growing demands of the markets.

What is the quality of your uPVC profiles?

Ökotech uPVC material has numerous benefits. It is a very strong and rigid material, which is perfect for use in doors and window structures. Further, it is very durable and has a long life span. In fact, Ökotech uPVC material is also considered extremely cost-efficient for the purpose of making doors and windows. Ökotech uPVC windows and doors are the latest trends in the hardware and building design industry. While wooden doors and windows have been the choice of the house owners for the longest period of time, the advent of uPVC has completely changed the taste of the discerning customers throughout India. And why not? The immense benefits, strength, durability, customization options, and ease of maintenance that Ökotech offers make it the first choice of homeowners in modern times. While the popularity of Ökotech is at an all-time high, there are still a number of unanswered questions and apprehensions in customers minds. If you have any such lingering doubts and you’d like to have them clarified, please give Ökotech a call. Because apprehensions lead to doubts, and doubts lead to confusion. And guess what? You may end up choosing what you shouldn’t even be considering, ignoring Ökotech uPVC Window & Door. An option that will deliver flawless performance for years to come!

Does Ă–kotech also prodive fabrication Hardware?

Ökotech is among the most knowledgeable brands in the industry and we use our expertise to design, develop and extrude the most specified uPVC window and door profile systems. What’s even more important to us is that our products meet our own exacting standards. More stringent than those required to meet British regulations; we require every single one of our products to go through a rigorous testing process using the latest German technology. What we don’t make, we use only hardware made by internationally reputed manufacturers. Original hardware like handles, hinges, locks and screws that are also tested by us to surpass our stringent tests. Our products are the perfect marriage of performance and style, providing immense choice; from colours, styles, brands and hardware.