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Whether you are constructing a residential complex or a commercial project, you would like to settle for proven products that deliver optimal performance at all times — uPVC windows and doors are no exception.

Our uPVC window & door systems are designed to perform in extreme weather conditions over the entire product life cycle. Ă–kotech also delivers on-time and within budgets, no matter your project size.

To date, Ă–kotech has successfully installed over 1.4 million window & door systems in large residential and commercial projects in both, private and public sectors.

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Frequetly Asked Questions

What areas do you service in?

Ă–kotech can service its products throughout the country and throughout the lifecycle of the products it makes. If your needs are urgent, we usually respond to you almost immediately. For most enquiries, we do our best to visit you on the same day you call. Alternatively, we can make an appointment to suit you!

How long is your fabrication time for uPVC Doors?

From beginning to end, a normal door fabrication and installation should take around six weeks. The process begins when you sign a contract. Also, it takes one to three days to do the actual installing of the door.

Do you make special sized uPVC windows & Doors?

Create your own custom uPVC door or window. You can choose from a great range of styles, colours and sizes while Ökotech will come up with a full quotation breakdown along the way. If you’re looking for a completely bespoke look to your home, then Ökotech made to measure service has plenty to offer.

Do you do site survey? Why is it important?

Yes we do, and the reason for this is simple. Ă–kotech needs accurate measurements of everything to make sure whatever we fabricate fits exactly into the opening, without leaving gaps. Because gaps create problems for you later on, well after you have signed off on the work and installation. That is why we believe it is important. Even more important is the fact that we want you to be happy with a job done well. Which is why after you sign a contract with Ă–kotech, we will measure the window and door openings in all the places that they are to be fitted out or replaced and assure the right measurements are provided. Six weeks from that time, the finished products will be delivered to your contractor. After you decide on the date of installation, your windows installer will come to your house or project site to begin the project. It could be a single person or multiple people. Then, they will install your new windows into their proper places and make sure the windows are level by using shims. They will also insulate any cavities around the window with expanding foam. The final job is to anchor the windows into place, and then seal the exterior with trim coil and caulking. An extremely capable window installer will normally put in ten to fifteen windows daily. It normally takes about a half-hour to put in a window based on the size of the windows.

Why should I select uPVC profiles for my building?

Ă–kotech uPVC windows and doors provide a large number of advantages over their traditional counterparts. Some of these are:

  • Cut electricity bills by up to 30%
  • Reduce noise by up to 30-40 dB
  • 100% Water-tight
  • Built with self-extinguishable material
  • Looks as good as new for years
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable
  • Highly secure with multi-point locking systems
  • Does not rot, corrode, fade or discolour
  • Extremely easy to install and maintain