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When it comes to specifying a uPVC window & door systems for your clients, nothing can beat an ├ľkotech. Aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and extremely affordable, your choice of window & door styling and design is limited only by your imagination.

As a matter of fact, our uPVC window and Door systems can be customized right from the start to the finish. Crafted to meet world class quality standards and help fulfil individual project requirements.

uPVC windows & doors bring home the benefits of high energy efficiency, cut electricity bill up to 30%, and dramatically reduce noise levels up to 30 dBA. In addition to being durable, ├ľkotech systems are also 100% water-tight. Never corrode, rust or warp. And are very easy to maintain.

You can think of mixing and matching window and door colours to suit the exterior and interiors. Think of bold black, edgy blue, or pick from a range of colours to create any desired visual effect.

For instance, you could have one colour for the inside of a profile, while choosing a totally different colour for the outside. Whatever your choice, we will fulfil and visually enhance both the interiors and the fa├žade of the building.
You can also choose from a range of natural textures to complement the desired visual aesthetics. Even pick a natural wood finish: Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany. All laminations is done with German foil & hot melt PU adhesive.

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Frequetly Asked Questions

Do you also install windows and doors?

├ľkotech offer a portfolio of outstanding products for residential, commercial or public sector projects. And we install both uPVC windows and Doors. As long as these are the products fabricated and made by ├ľkotech.

Do you have a showroom?

Yes. ├ľkotech uPVC window and door fabricators in your area have dealers to represent them. If you can share your email and the location address, we can get back to you with a name and contact details of a dealer closest to you, or put you in touch with the ├ľkotech partner-fabricators themselves as well.

Are ├ľkotech profiles weather resistant?

You can opt for double or triple glazed windows and doors with heat insulation properties that will keep you cool in summers and warm in the cold. ├ľkotech uPVC doors and windows are also saline water resistant and are best suitable for coastal areasand areas with heavy rainfall. ├ľkotech uPVC window and door profiles are about the most stable, robust and durable systems available in the market.

What all colours do you offer in uPVC profiles?

Once your profiles and window styles are chosen, you will need to consider colours. ├ľkotech offers a wide range of colours so that you can fit your windows to the style of your home. From muted tones to more gregarious colours, there are options for every taste and budget. If you have your heart set on a specific frame colour or glass type, then it is worth narrowing down your options this way to start with so that you end up with something you are happy with.

Do our products have warranties?

All ├ľkotech frames and profiles have a 10 year warranty, glass units 5 year warranty and hardware such as locks, handles 1 year warranty from date of installation. This warranty is in respect of colour stability, shape retention and impact strength retention.