Benefits of uPVC Profiles for Windows Okotech: Enhanced Insulation & Durability

Using the right windows will keep your monsoon blues away!

Jul Fri, 2020

Mahesh Choudhary, CEO, uPVC division, Aparna Enterprises, on the benefits of uPVC profiles for windows.

As the season shifts and we welcome the rains, we heave a sigh of relief from summer heat! The rains wash our heat woes way. But along with the fresh pour, rains also bring with them, many home related concerns, especially about the home fittings and furniture. One of the main areas of our home which gets affected the most are the windows. Harsh climatic condition in the Indian terrain often leads to rusted, warped/faded and termite-ridden windows. Due to this home owners have to engage in frequent and expensive refurbishing.

However, using the right materials for windows can help you keep away all monsoon melancholies at a good distance.  One of the most popular choices is the use of lead-free uPVC profiles in making windows. These profiles are made using state-of-the-art German technology and come with a host of benefits to keep monsoon worries away.

Here’s how uPVC windows keep your monsoon happy and bright:

  • Resistance to saline water and corrosion: uPVC profiles have high resistance to water (as opposed to traditional wooden windows) and thus they don’t easily corrode, rust or rot even when exposed directly to rainwater. Especially in the coastal areas, the demand for such profiles is exceptionally high.
  • Reduce outside noise: Another distinct feature of uPVC profiles is that they reduce the outside noise significantly. With multiple glazing options, windows made of uPVC profiles are able to reduce outside noise by up to 40dB. This reduced outside noise caused by traffic & industrial units makes the home quite & peaceful for the family.
  • No Leakage: uPVC profiles for windows and doors have been built to stay 100% water-tight ensuring zero seepage not just protecting your windows but also the beautiful walls. uPVC windows restrict any seepage of water and are thus more lucrative choice for windows.
  • No headache about termites: The most chaotic issue that home owners face during monsoon or right after the monsoon break is termite infestation. This is most common in the case of wooden windows. On the bright side uPVC windows aren’t susceptible to termite infection at all, making them a desired choice for windows.
  • Durability and longevity: uPVC doors and windows do not rot, corrode or warp and have been designed to retain their shape, size, colour, and shine for years to come. In fact reputed manufacturing brands offer a 10 year warranty on windows made with their uPVC profiles.
  • Keeping out insects: Needless to say that monsoons bring with them an array of insects, especially mosquitoes. While an insect mesh can be used in any window type but the ‘easiest to fit and maintain’ insect mesh can be done on uPVC profiles. There are lot of customization options and the designs are sleek and tidy.

To keep away your monsoon woes, invest today in uPVC profiles as these window frames are designed to withstand extreme weather condition and thus are an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for good quality, low maintenance and affordable window solutions. Enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the rain without worrying about anything else!