Common Mistakes One Should Avoid While Choosing A Window Design!

Apr Fri, 2023

When chosen correctly, windows can be the gateways of fresh air, labels of beauty aesthetics, and decent producers of picturesque views. Speaking in general terms, when it comes to the look and feel of a place, windows can make a significant difference. Although time-consuming, choosing the ideal window design is crucial. However, there are several strategies for homeowners to avoid selecting the incorrect window style. One of the many advantages of window design is that it enhances the aesthetics of any room. When selecting the window style for their home, homeowners should be careful to avoid making the following mistakes:


  1. Ignoring the protection from the sun– The sun, especially in areas with extreme temperatures, carries dangerous UV rays into the house with fresh air and ventilation. Higher temperatures also cause the windows to wear out more quickly, necessitating erratic spending on their maintenance. Choosing materials for windows like uPVC or aluminium reduces maintenance requirements because these materials are resistant to harm brought on by adverse weather. The choice of flat glazing aids in regulating the inside temperature.


  1. Getting on board an inefficient Installer to save money– Poor installation leaves a window susceptible to leakage, seal failure, and gaps between the still and the frame. The problem can worsen to the point where the window is unable to open or close permanently. Because of this, it’s essential to select more than just an attractive window.


  1. Preferring looks over functionality– It goes without saying that the beautiful aesthetics of the windows play an important role. But one should also consider the applications and features offered by certain windows. Instead of focusing solely on aesthetics, homeowners should consider design elements like construction that can withstand extremely high temperatures, is corrosion and termite resistant, provides maximum ventilation, has a multi-point locking system, is soundproof, and shields occupants from dust, rain, and pollution.


  1. Downplaying security aspects– The enhancement of views from within the home might be the main objective when choosing window designs. But there are other reasons for getting new windows as well. One of the lines of defence against intruders will also include windows. It’s crucial to choose windows that not only offer breathtaking vistas but also keep the occupants secure. Therefore, to reduce the likelihood of break-ins and maintain the security of their homes, homeowners should choose a modern locking and security system. Inevitably, windows are a crucial component of any room. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution while selecting a design that is beautiful, secure, and protects the home.


To get a better understanding of ‘what and how’ one must consider a particular window design for a certain house, and to avoid the common mistakes that take place during the selection of designs, an article featuring our President and CEO, Mr Mahesh Choudhary’s suggestions can be taken as a reference.


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