Charting New Horizons: Ökotech’s Strategic Expansion in North India

Nov Tue, 2023

As we stand on the cusp of a new era within the construction materials industry, we are pleased to see the strides that Ökotech, Aparna Enterprises’ flagship brand within the uPVC doors and home windows segment is taking in the North Indian market. Our vision is apparent and bold: to seize a commanding 25% market share of the region’s uPVC doors and windows space in the next two years.

The uPVC industry in India is growing significantly with an annual rate of 7% – 12%.  This strong growth represents a paradigm shift in customers’ preference for greater customizable and green building solutions. North India, with its unique inclination to independent houses and flats, is a testimony to this shift.

At Ökotech, we understand that the cornerstone of this demand is the burgeoning Indian property market, which is projected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This boom heralds a remarkable call for quality construction materials — that not only promise durability and sustainability but also align with the ethos of environmental stewardship.

Our commitment at Aparna Enterprises is unwavering—we’re determined to assist India’s  infrastructural and home improvement segment growth with materials that exceed the benchmarks of quality and sustainability. It is this dedication that will fuel our growth into over 200 markets in the region.

Aparna Reddy, our esteemed Executive Director, encapsulates this vision aptly, “The Indian property market is anticipated to grow greater than 12-fold in the next 2 years. This has created a spike in demand for first-rate constructing material which can assist in expanding robust, sustainable, and surroundings-pleasant buildings that stand the test of time. We are determined to assist India’s infrastructural and actual estate desires.”

To meet the burgeoning demand, we are not simply resting on our laurels. Mahesh Choudhary, our president and CEO of the uPVC Division, is spearheading an initiative to ramp up our manufacturing capacity by a remarkable 70% in 2024. This scale-up is not just about quantity; it’s about refining our quality, enhancing our customizability, and reinforcing our commitment to the environment.

As we embark on this adventure of growth and innovation, we invite you to join us. Together, we can redefine the landscape of the Indian property market, one uPVC door and window at a time. With Ökotech, the future isn’t simply vivid; it’s sustainable, customizable, and extraordinarily interesting.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore new ground and set new standards in the industry. With Ökotech, we aren’t just manufacturing windows and doors; we are commencing gateways to a brand new India.

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