How to make your uPVC window frames last a lifetime?

Jan Mon, 2018

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride or uPVC has universally begun to replace every window frame material used previously. uPVC profiles are very rigid and chemically resistant making them one of the toughest substances.This material makes the uPVC window frames virtually maintenance free. All the uPVC window frames manufactured perform exceptionally well and if maintained well can last a lifetime.

With the use of German technology and high-quality raw materials, these uPVC window frames are designed to not stain, rot or peel off or get dented. Window frames come in a wide variety of different colours. White uPVC window frames are always in demand as they maintain a fresh and clean look all year around. This usually depends on the surface finish of the window frames. All of our uPVC window frames come with excellent and precise surface finish. They repel dust and end up looking as good as new for decades.

Investing in good quality uPVC window frames is a onetime investment that will make your uPVC window frames last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to help you last your uPVC window frames for a long time:

  1. Prevention:

The easiest method to make your uPVC window frames last for a long period of time is prevention. Keep an eye on your window frames regularly to see if there appears to be any debris from the trees, leaking pipes and gutters. Usually, all of our uPVC window frames are designed with precise German technology making it stain resistant and UV rays protected. Hence our uPVC window frames do not have any scratch marks and do not corrode.

  1. Easy cleaning process:

All you need to make your uPVC window frames look as good as new is some warm water, soft cloth, and a sponge. Once it is wiped with warm water it looks shiny and glossy. An occasional swipe can make your window frames last for decades.  Also, all our products have a smooth and glossy surface finish making it even more effortless to keep the uPVC window frames fresh.

  1. Do your homework:

There are an ample number of companies producing uPVC profiles, but there are a very few which provide your money’s worth of products. All of our uPVC window frames adhere to the European market standards. Hence, none of our window frames can succumb to any of the extreme conditions. They do not dent, corrode, break and cause any stains after years of usage.

So why wait?

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