uPVC Window and Door Frames

How to Suggest the Right uPVC Window and Door Frames Based on Your Client’s Requirement?

Feb Mon, 2024

As the uPVC market continues to grow exponentially, more and more people are choosing uPVC to be the preferred material for their windows and doors. With a wide range of types and styles available, it can be confusing to select one that is the most ideal for you.

uPVC Door and Window Frames

This is where fabricators come into play. As fabricators, you have the right knowledge and required expertise to direct, guide and educate your clients, helping them select the right uPVC windows and doors based on their style and functional requirements. This not only forms an integral step in providing end-to-end solutions, but also helps build trust and commitment with your clients.

Different uPVC frames for different requirements 

Just like every house has its own aesthetic and utility needs, certains types of uPVC window frames and uPVC doors with frames are more suitable for a particular function. Here’s how you can suggest the ideal uPVC frame for your customer.

Sliding windows

If your client is looking for uPVC window frames that require less space along with a sleek and modern look, sliding windows is the perfect choice for them. They come with two or more frames that slide horizontally and are great for energy efficiency. Sliding uPVC windows with frames work best to make your rooms look spacious and chic.

Casement windows 

Casement windows can be opened from both inside and outside and are common among users. They come in different sizes and since they are very easy to install, they can be recommended especially if the client is looking to renovate their existing space. uPVC casement windows are high in heat insulation and are known to provide better noise reduction.

Villa windows

For luxurious spaces like villas, always suggest your clients to go for special villa windows as they provide a perfect mix of style and safety. They come with the option of adding a grill for enhanced security and a bug mesh to keep the insects away.

Tilt and turn windows 

This type of uPVC frame is designed to allow maximum sunlight and fresh air. The unique mechanism of these windows allow them to open on 2 axis: tilting when ventilation is needed and turning to work like a regular casement window. With advanced engineering, these windows are ideal for anyone looking to expand their view.

Apart from these, one can always choose from a range of other different windows like arch windows, combination windows, fixed windows and more. Further, similar styles are made available for uPVC door frames. You can advise your clients to choose from a variety of uPVC doors with frames like sliding doors, casement doors, slide and fold doors, coloured doors and more.

Sliding doors

Similar to sliding windows, sliding doors come with frames that can slide horizontally with the help of nylon rollers. This style of doors consists more of glass and less of frame and is ideal for large spaces like balconies and backyards. A mesh can also be added to secure indoors from insects and bugs.

Slide and fold doors

Slide and fold doors have the feature of being opened fully or partially, and can be stacked to one end to provide an expansive view that blurs the difference between indoors and outdoors. These uPVC frames are ideal for modern homes and provide superior ventilation and cooling as compared to other door types.

Casement doors

uPVC casement doors are extremely high in functionality and are ideal for bedrooms, entrances and other indoor living areas. Their 3 chamber sash ensures increased resistance and better thermal conductivity. They also help in reducing noise pollution and are resistant to discolouration and corrosion.

Additionally, uPVC door frames and window frames can be customized in terms of colour, lamination, grill and mesh depending on the design and functional needs of your client.

These uPVC door frames have a large number of benefits- they are highly durable and long lasting and are very easy to install and maintain. Due to their multipoint locking system, they provide increased safety. They are resistant to any damage caused by heavy rainfall, strong winds and saline water and give superior thermal insulation. Unlike their traditional counterparts, they do not corrode, fade, warp and bend, retaining their great look for years.

At Ökotech, we employ state of the art technology with advanced engineering and German precision, to manufacture superior quality uPVC window and door frames. Reach out to us to join our vast network of uPVC fabricators and deliver products that come with an unmatched quality, extreme durability and high performance.