uPVC Profiles Should Be Your Prime Choice

Here’s Why Ökotech uPVC Profiles Should Be Your Prime Choice

Sep Thu, 2021

Being a leading uPVC Profiles manufacturer, Ökotech is one of the most trusted uPVC brands of India along with a strong production capacity. A seamlessly integrated network of our professionally skilled fabricators are committed to revolutionize eco-friendly uPVC profiles and deliver high-class products to meet the contemporary needs of both our Indian as well as international clientele.

Our premium range of uPVC profiles, uPVC windows and uPVC doors are meticulously engineered to deliver excellence through a set of rigorous quality checks executed to ensure uniformity of colour, smooth appearance and elimination of even the most diminutive defects.

A few elementary quality tests that our entire range of products include:

1. Heat Reversion Test- Heat reversion technique is conducted to check the durability and conformity of our uPVC profiles that can withstand severe temperatures of the environment. The results of the reversion test on all our profiles measures less than 2%, which is much better than the industry standards that measure upto 5%.

2. Charpy Impact Strength Test- Determines the toughness of our products by measuring the amount of energy that the profiles can absorb when impacted by a large impulse.

3. Heat Aging Test- Through this test, our uPVC profiles are exposed to elevated temperatures, ensuring no surface defects remain at such high temperatures.

4. Tensile Impact Test- It evaluates the toughness of our uPVC profiles by determining the amount of energy or stress that the profiles can withstand when a certain load is applied to it before failing.

5. Impact Resistance Test- This test is specifically conducted to assess the resistance of our uPVC window profiles and uPVC doors to the impact by a falling mass. As a result, all our uPVC profiles are robust enough to easily hold up against heavy impact.

6. Functionality- In order to assure each output is flawless by appearance and performance, extensive manual checks are administered by our highly-trained team who ensure that all accessories fit perfectly.

In addition to the above mentioned quality tests, a range of other quality checks are regularly conducted to test the excellence of our uPVC profiles-

● Appearance
● Thickness
● Dimensions
● Mass of Profile
● Vicat Softening Point
● Tensile Strength at Break
● Colour
● Surface Flatness
● Marking
● Profile Length
● Reinforcement Fitment

Being a part of the renowned Aparna Group, Ökotech strives to deliver high-performance and eco-friendly lead-free uPVC profiles using the state-of-art German manufacturing technology, that can be easily customized to match the needs of our expansive clientele.

At the Aparna Group, we pride ourselves on delivering to our clients, durable and premium building materials for a hassle-free fabrication experience. While being a top player in the national and global markets, we also stay committed towards contributing to the conservation of mother nature by ensuring a disciplined execution of eco-friendly practices at all our manufacturing facilities.