uPVC window profile suppliers: The manufacturing process that makes Okotech the best.

Aug Wed, 2018

Earlier we were quite used to traditional wooden frames and we were rather comfortable with them. But people have a habit of finding better materials to make our life easier. uPVC is one such invention. It is a widely used versatile polymer which is designed to make our lives easier.  uPVC window and door profiles require low maintenance and are highly durable, heat insulated and UV resistant.

But, what makes uPVC window and door profiles so resistant and durable?

It’s manufacturing process. If the beginning of the production is heavily scrutinized, only then can one become a great uPVC window profile supplier. This is where Okotech’s manufacturing process is tested. Let’s dig deeper into the manufacturing process to understand why Okotech is one of the better uPVC window profile suppliers:

–              Sourcing of raw materials:

The best raw materials are sourced from all over the world to make a superior resin mix. Okotech uses higher levels of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and lower level of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) to make the extrusion profiles more durable and strong as well as resistant to UV rays. These ingredients used in the mix are stabilizers for the extrusion profiles. Commonly lead is used as a stabilizer, but Okotech is certainly different. There is no use of lead in the resin mix. Okotech uPVC profiles are lead-free giving them an eco-friendly edge.

–              Production procedure:

To produce proper uPVC profiles there is a necessity of large-scale automatic mixing equipment which will ensure the mix to be churned the raw materials accurately and scientifically. The production of durable uPVC window and door profiles also requires German extrusion lines and NABL accredited machinery with Krauss Maffei technology. With these stringent guidelines and policies, the best uPVC profiles are formed.

With such manufacturing essentials, Okotech is touted to be one of the best uPVC window profile suppliers. This manufacturing is what makes Okotech uPVC profiles soundproof, weatherproof and eco-friendly.