Are you paying for the best uPVC profiles? Let us find out.

Feb Wed, 2018

When we pay for any product, we expect the highest level of product quality to be delivered. uPVC profiles are one product class which demand perfection from start to finish. Based on the quality of the product the consumer agrees to pay the manufacturer the uPVC profile price ascertained.

While it is common knowledge that there are cheap vendors as well as high-end vendors of uPVC profiles. But, we often wonder why does uPVC profile price fluctuate so much? Fabricators always wonder what factors are needed to decide on the uPVC profile price. It is also a common notion that how the manufacturing process can be so different amongst brands that can deem the uPVC profile price either on the higher side or moderate.

Armed with so many unresolved questions, let us find out a few answers and understand why can uPVC profile prices be different and if we are paying for the right kind of uPVC profiles:

German Technology With top-notch German extrusion lines, NABL accredited and Krauss Maffei imported machinery Okotech uPVC profiles are designed with sophisticated German Technology. To produce uPVC profiles swiftly and without much of an overhead, lower level of technology is adopted.
Robustness Precision engineering and dimensional accuracy are what make really strong and robust profiles. These profiles can withstand any natural condition. As the uPVC profiles prices are budgeted at a lower cost. It leads to using cost reduction methods of manufacturing and hence brittle profiles is produced. They can break after a few months of use.
Certification All of the Okotech profiles are ROHS certified and adhere to the European market standards. None of the ordinarily produced profiles are certified and have no compliance certificates as well as guarantees.
Environmental friendly Okotech uPVC profiles are produced with completely lead- free substances making it kid-friendly. Ordinary profiles contain ash in them and are highly hazardous to health.
Resistance level Due to the use of superior raw materials and a sturdy manufacturing process, all of the uPVC profiles are highly resistant to torrential rains, high-speed winds and are UV resistant. They do not dent, corrode and break. Due to the use of substandard raw materials and an imperfect manufacturing process, the uPVC profiles might come looking good. But they have absolutely no strength and durability.
Manufacturing procedure With a state-of-the-art extrusion facility, superior raw materials and NABL accredited machinery, the manufacturing process is flawless. Low-grade manufacturing process with use of cheap raw materials and with a vision to produce in bulk. There is no adherence to compliance standards which makes the manufacturing process faulty.


With such an extreme difference in the production procedure, it is bound to reflect on the uPVC profile prices. This huge difference makes it possible for premium brands to charge albeit a higher uPVC profile price.

While it is possible to be enamored by cheaply priced uPVC profiles, it is quite natural they would require a lot of maintenance. So why not pay a fair uPVC profile price and purchase a premium product?

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