Advantages of uPVC Profiles Over Wooden Profiles

Dec Thu, 2016

uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinylchloride) is a very tough material that is used widely in the construction industry globally. In latest years, the usage of uPVC has grown immensely in popularity and is currently one of the most widely chosen materials.

More people are searching for energy efficient and viable alternatives to wood and uPVC is the impeccable material. uPVC door and window frames are available in different colours which include silver, black and white as well as a timber grain profile. Colours can be modified to a person’s choice.

Long Lasting

uPVC is naturally resilient to moisture, mould, mildew and atmospheric contaminations,. It does not flake, rot, rust, blister and is resistant to salt corrosion. This brands uPVC windows and doors as durable different from wooden one’s which require regular upkeep. unPlasticized Polyvinyl Chloride material is the most durable. In overall, new technology uPVC windows are estimated to last for 30-40 years, while the lifespan of timber is nearly half less and rarely go beyond 15-20 years.

Low Maintenance

Another extremely attractive feature of uPVC profiles is that it requires low maintenance A rinse with soapy water will retain uPVC frames appearing new for years. uPVC need no varnishing repainting or sanding. In fact this tough material can be scoured to remove the most stubborn of marks as uPVC doors and windows are tough to damage. On the other hand, wooden doors and windows are affected by termite and pests hence require to be changed and varnished regularly.


Due to its toughness, uPVC is very dependable and reliable when it comes to security matters. Their frames are fabricated to the maximum stability making it very difficult to damage or break through. uPVC is considered to be almost fully burglar-proof because of its strength. Windows and doors made of bad timber are fragile and ultimately flake over time making it easy to be broken down.

Insulation/Sound Proofing

Insulation is another added advantage of the uPVC material over wood. uPVC was made to be a very proficient insulator and offers the best energy, heat and sound insulation obtainable. It is the best insulator in relation to the alternative of timber and this capability to retain sounds in and heat in makes it popular.

Environmentally Friendly

uPVC is an eco-friendly material that needs less resource than wood options. uPVC has a life time of 40-80 years. It can be reprocessed into commercial fittings, plumbing pipes, roadside guideposts, floor tiles and other uses. Wood cannot be recycled and it is a threat to our environment since it has to be cut down every time it is required for use.