5 Things Fabricators Should Consider Before Choosing a uPVC Profile Manufacturer

Jun Fri, 2019

As a fabricator, you are always concerned about providing quality products and outstanding service to your clients. And while you can put your best foot forward to provide exceptional service, the quality of your product is highly dependent on the uPVC window profile manufacturer. Choosing the best uPVC profile manufacturer is imperative and is a decision that requires careful considerations.

Here are 5 things you should consider while choosing a uPVC profile manufacturer to partner with.

1.Technology: A critical factor for producing high quality uPVC profiles for windows and doors is the machinery and technology that a manufacturer uses. Okotech employs world famous Krauss Maffei extrusion machinery from Germany for the production of its uPVC window and door profiles. With state-of-the-art, large-scale automatic mixing equipment, it ensures uniform mixing of ingredients of raw material scientifically and accurately and the high-precision moulds used in profiles ensure dimensional accuracy and great surface finish.

2.Quality: A high quality uPVC window and door profile is the backbone of a fabricator’s credibility. Okotech’s uPVC door and window profiles are made with superior lead free uPVC compound and have multi-chambered sections, and high wall thickness. These uPVC window and door profiles efficiently provide thermal insulation, noise, water and dust resistance while needing minimal maintenance. With ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications and the NABL seal to its credit, Okotech uPVC profiles are quality-assured choices for fabricators.

3.Assistance: While quality of the profiles and the technology used are critical factors to consider, for you to be able to deliver quality output, technical assistance from the uPVC window and uPVC door manufacturer is also essential and provides added advantage. Here is where Okotech comes in. Okotech as a uPVC profile wholesaler is committed to providing uPVC fabricators with ‘know-how’ assistance. In fact, Okotech, as a uPVC profile wholesaler, goes a step forward by not just providing profiles but also the necessary hardware for fabrication, if required.

4.Wide range of profile designs & customization: Another key consideration should be the level of customization a uPVC window and door manufacturer can offer as your customers will appreciate the availability of choice and the ability to customize. Okotech offers a wide range of uPVC door and window profiles to choose from apart from a range of customization options. Your customers can customize their windows and doors in terms of lamination texture options available, multiple options in uPVC door frames, uPVC window frames and of course, the customization of uPVC windows and doors to suit any dimensions/configuration.

5.Ability to deliver anywhere, on-time: Last but not the least, your service to your customer also largely depends on your ability to deliver on time and in any part of the country. Okotech’s continuously growing presence across Pan India allows fabricators to provide high quality uPVC profiles across the country while our large inventory ensures timely deliveries.

Considering these critical factors will help you deliver outstanding products and service to your customers while becoming their preferred choice of fabricator.