The O7 Sliding uPVC Profile Series: We explain it all!

May Wed, 2018

Simplicity, ethereal and elegant, is what we look for in everything, right? Why leave out simplicity from our doors and windows then? Wouldn’t it be great if you could have sliding glass windows and doors?

The sliding uPVC doors and windows are very much in demand not only because of their low maintenance cost but also because the sliding feature makes it easy to use and operate. Sliding doors and windows are all about supreme design, functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Okotech with its exclusive range of the O7 Sliding uPVC profile series is designed to make fabrication of sliding window effortless. With its top-notch German extrusion lines and technology certified by NABL all of the sliding window profiles created is crafted with precision.

Not just that, all of the sliding window profiles have galvanized steel reinforcements to give them an additional robust feature.  The sliding window profiles can be customized to any level to match the requirements of the consumers. There is also the added advantage of technical guidance from experts on fabrication process of uPVC windows and doors starting from know-how assistance to solving any problems that the customer might face with the product.

With some many advantages of being with Okotech, here are a few advantages of using Okotech’s O7 Sliding uPVC profiles:

  • Say goodbye to lead:

Our sliding window profiles are made with quality materials that ensure the highest quality standards. This also makes them extremely environment-friendly.

  • More thickness. More quality:

Okotech’s O7 series come with a wall thickness range of 2.2 to 2.5 mm which is way superior to the competitors. This thickness ensures a longer lifespan of these profiles compared to other profiles available in the market.

  • Extremely well equipped:

The O7 profile sliding series is crafted with finesse and equipped to produce doors that are 7 feet in height. The doors and windows can be customized as per any living space.

  • Better technology. Better uPVC profiles:

The sliding window and door profiles from Okotech are made with the most advanced and progressive German technology available to produce the finest O7 sliding series. They are crafted to be dimensionally accurate and precise.

Undoubtedly, sliding windows and doors with Okotech uPVC profiles are in huge demand. Similarly, the competitors when it comes to these are also many. However, Okotech’s promise of quality and great variety is what differentiates it from the rest! For additional information explore