uPVC profiles: A popular choice for windows and doors

uPVC profiles: A popular choice for windows and doors

Nov Tue, 2020

Mahesh Choudhary, CEO, uPVC division, Aparna Enterprises, on what will hold good this year and after that

This year, most of us have spent good amount of time within our homes, due to the ongoing pandemic. Staying inside the house, has made residents realize that along with style, comfort is also very important when it comes to home interiors. People have also become more inclined towards using eco-friendly materials in the construction and designing of their homes.

Choosing the right window and door designs for your home becomes very critical as one must ensure that not only does it complement to the interior and exterior styling of the house, but also brings much required safety and durability. Incidentally the most popular choice for windows and doors this year has been uPVC and here are the reasons that drove this consumer preference.

More light is always great
Designers along with home owners all agree unanimously on how important natural lighting is. Natural light can brighten up the room and make it look more spacious and appealing.  Use of uPVC has become very popular for making windows and doors as the material is malleable and can be used for making big windows and doors which allow natural light into the house making it look more spacious and brighter.

Friendly to the environment yet durable
More and more home owners are showing concern about environment around them and are using materials that are more eco-friendly in nature. Owing to its salient features such as recyclable & eco-friendly material and durability, uPVC has emerged as one of best materials for windows and doors. uPVC profiles are resistant to saline water, direct sunlight and corrosion which reduces the chances of rusting, rotting and losing the colour & strength of the material when exposed directly to rainwater and sunlight thus making it a viable option for any place with extreme weathers such as coastal areas or areas with high or low temperatures.

Get the look and finish you want
Many of us are inclined towards having windows and doors in wood finish for the house.  On one hand it requires to cut some trees and on other hand it often brings pest related concerns. However uPVC profiles enables home owners to play with colours and even bring in that traditional wooden look and finish without fearing termite infestation.

Optimal utilization of space
The most common issue that new age home owners have is space, because homes today are smaller than before. Using windows and doors made of sliding and casement uPVC profiles helps home owners reduce wastage of space and also makes the interiors compact and stylish. Not just this, use of this material is an ideal choice for those who give importance to sustainable living. A one-time smart expenditure on a quality and sustainable product which will stay with them for a long period, is what stands out.

Safety & security
uPVC profiles are reinforced with iron bars, making them strong and durable material for windows and doors. uPVC windows and doors not only provide the desired look & finish but also bring in the much required safety & security for your homes as they come with sturdy multi point locking mechanism. Additionally these windows and doors also provide freedom to install sleek insect meshes so to avoid invasion of insects & flies into your house. What more? These profiles significantly cut down outside noise, thus giving home owners a serene tranquil ambience at home.

2020 has been a year of good and smart realisations and investing in quality and sustainable products increases the lifespan and reduces the expenditure and maintenance worries. Choosing uPVC profiles over conventional material not only gives trendy and stylish look to the house but also adds safety, security and durability to windows and doors.