A look at why Okotech is one of the top uPVC brands in India

Apr Mon, 2018

uPVC profiles, in general, are the subject of scrutiny. They are the building blocks of any space. Usually, the best uPVC profiles are sourced for hassle-free fabrication. So, what factors does one look for in their uPVC profiles?

  • Quality
  • Assurance
  • Pollution-free
  • Energy saving
  • Technology and;
  • Durability

These features of the uPVC profiles make Okotech a top uPVC brand in India. Okotech has a wide range of uPVC window and door profiles.

These are the following series offered:

O7 Profile Sliding Series:

They can be used to make sliding doors and windows for homes. They give a good look to the house. They are lead-free and multi-chambered uPVC profiles. These uPVC windows profiles are superior are superior to the competitors as the wall thickness ranges from 2.2 to 2.5mm. These uPVC profiles are equipped to produce 7ft height doors.

O7 Profile casement Series:

Casement uPVC window profiles offer a number of attractive design features. They can be customized for the desired colour and the precise size which will suit both your home and office building designs. The casement windows provide excellent ventilation and are easy to open and close. In addition to that our uPVC profiles are weather-proof.

O10 Profile Sliding Series:

These uPVC profiles are sized to 65mm width and 58mm height. This design enables you to be in maximum contact with the outside world while staying indoors. It is most importantly eco-friendly. These uPVC profiles come with a wall thickness of 2.8mm which is superior to competitors. These uPVC profiles are equipped to produce 10ft height doors and windows greatly suitable for spaces with terraces or balconies.

Okotech is a top uPVC brand in India as its uPVC profiles are lead-free, reusable, customizable and definitely eco-friendly. Explore more: https://okotech.in/