Fabricating sliding windows and doors right

Fabrication of sliding doors and windows made easy: Here’s how

May Thu, 2018

Fabrication of uPVC windows and doors is serious and delicate work. Precision and accuracy are required during fabricating. With Okotech’s uPVC profiles fabrication of doors and windows have become much simpler.

Okotech with its new range of O7 sliding series profile has revolutionized the process of fabricating uPVC sliding doors and windows into something satisfying.

The sliding door profiles and sliding window profiles are very much in demand not only because of their low maintenance costs but also because the sliding feature makes them easy to use and operate. Sliding doors and windows are all about simplicity and convenience.

Okotech’s uPVC profiles are made with Krauss Maffei technology and adhere to the strictest greenline norms of the European markets.

Not just that, the Okotech’s premium door and window profiles have galvanized steel reinforcements. The sliding window and sliding door profiles are customized to match the customer’s needs and tastes. With a plethora of uPVC variants to choose from, why must one choose Okotech’s sliding window profiles and sliding door profiles?

  • Their thickness is unmatched in the market:

Okotech’s O7 series come with a wall thickness range of 2.2 to 2.5 mm which is way superior to the competitors. This thickness ensures a longer lifespan of these profiles compared to other profiles available in the market!

  • Help in precise fabrication:

The O7 profile sliding series is crafted with a finesse that is equipped to produce doors that are 7 feet in height which is quite uncommon in the uPVC industry.

  • Sizes matter:

The sliding window profiles and sliding door profiles from Okotech are sized to 60 mm in width and 52 mm in height. These sizes help in fabricating sliding windows and doors with a proper space and can last a lifetime.

  • Infinite variants:

Backed by German technology, Okotech offers great combinations of uPVC profiles for sliding windows and doors. No matter the variant required for any living space, Okotech will provide you customized uPVC solutions.

Undoubtedly, sliding windows and doors with uPVC profiles have quite a demand and need in the market due to their versatility. Okotech bridges the gap and makes it possible for fabricators seeking flawless fabrication. For additional information of uPVC sliding profiles explore https://okotech.in/ .