Security Features of uPVC Profiles

4 Security Features You Cannot Miss Knowing of uPVC Profiles

Apr Mon, 2024

There is a constant pursuit to create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also offer security in our changing world.

Here are 4 security features you should know about uPVC profiles.

Multi-Point Locking Systems:

Whenever there is a discussion regarding security, uPVC profiles multi-point locking systems come into picture. This system enhances security by distributing locking points along the length of the door or window.

This improves resistance against forced entry attempts compared to traditional single-point locks. Multi-point locking systems typically consist of a central locking mechanism that engages with multiple locking points around the perimeter of the frame. Statistics show that homes fitted with multi-point locking systems are up to three times more secure than those with single-point locks.

Internal Glazing Beads:

Unlike external glazing beads found in older window designs, internal glazing beads are located on the inside of the frame, making them inaccessible from the outside.

This design prevents intruders from removing the glass panes and gaining unauthorised access to the property. Internal glazing beads offer an added layer of security, effectively deterring forced entry attempts. Internal glazing beads experience significantly lower rates of break-ins and burglaries compared to those with external glazing beads.

Steel Reinforcement:

High-quality uPVC profiles like Okotech feature steel reinforcement within the frame and sash components, further enhancing security and structural integrity. The addition of steel reinforcement significantly increases the strength and rigidity of the profiles, making them highly resistant to physical attacks and attempted break-ins.

Steel reinforcement is strategically integrated into key areas of the uPVC profiles, such as the locking points and hinges, providing an extra layer of protection against forced entry.

Acoustic Performance:

uPVC profiles offer superior sound-dampening properties compared to conventional window frames. This is achieved through the utilisation of multi-chambered frames, thicker glazing materials, precise seals, and effective insulation.

By minimising the transmission of external noise, uPVC windows contribute to creating quieter and more comfortable indoor environments. This enhancement in acoustic performance not only promotes privacy but also enhances overall home security and comfort.

As we navigate the era of smart homes, the integration of the right technology and materials into profile adds a high level of security to futuristic buildings.

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