Say NO to wood and welcome uPVC

Say NO to wood and welcome uPVC

Dec Mon, 2019

Over its lifetime, a single tree absorbs 268 kg of gas emissions. But gases that where once retained by a tree are immediately released into the atmosphere when it is cut down, increasing our carbon footprint.

According to data from a global satellite survey, the world loses more than one football pitch of forest each second. The loss of forest cover recorded in just one year alone was estimated to be in excess of 29.4 million hectares!

The scale of this destruction poses a grave threat to tackling climate change, increases the rate of massive decline in wildlife and multiplies incidents of forest fires exponentially.

With deforestation taking place at such massive a scale, using timber for windows and doors needs to be seen as a crime against future generations, not just against nature. But unfortunately, wood still continues to be a popular choice for windows and doors.

Wood Requires Constant Maintenance
Wooden windows and doors need high maintenance and proper care for ensuring longevity and durability. As wood is an organic and porous material, it quickly becomes a victim of humidity and the elements. Wooden windows and doors are subject to rot and insect infestation.

There are other problems that make wooden windows and doors unsuitable. They are prone to warping that often occurs due to repeated exposure to moisture and sunlight. Wood also shrinks and expands dramatically in response to constant changes in weather.

Finally, wood is highly susceptible to damage or leaks. There is also a huge problem in waterproofing wooden windows. On top of all these shortcomings, the unit cost of wooden window is way more costly than a uPVC window.

More Pluses Than Minuses
Keeping the above mentioned negative factors in mind, it really is not a good idea to opt for wooden windows and doors. Recommend switching to ├ľkotech uPVC Window & Door Systems instead. They not only save trees and preserve forests, but also increase the value of your property.

While wood might have its plus points, ├ľkotech uPVC window and door system is quite simply a perfect choice. Why? Because it perfectly combines aesthetics with functionality and durability.

Take for example the amount of heat that comes into the room from a window during the summer months. The room literally traps the heat inside and makes the room stiflingly hot during a normal day, and in the summer months, the room turns into a furnace.

├ľkotech uPVC Your Best Option
When you switch to energy efficient ├ľkotech uPVC windows or doors for a room, you will immediately notice the difference it makes. Heat is reflected and kept outside of your premises and the double glazed glass will keep the interiors cool. You cut electricity bills, thanks to less air conditioning required.

Similarly, you can choose from a wide range of ├ľkotech uPVC doors and windows to enjoy benefits such as noise-reduction, water tightness, higher security, and increased privacy among many other plus points that are in its favour.

You can opt for a multiple chambered profile for higher insulation capability, besides these windows and doors come with weather-proof seals and anti-leakage compression seals.

The biggest advantage of uPVC over wood is that it does not rot, get infected with termites, or bulge or warp due to moisture in the air. Moreover, the fusion-welded construction of ├ľkotech uPVC window frames make them much more sturdy and durable.

Whether you are the proud owner of a villa, or a modern apartment, or state-of-the-art office spaces, ├ľkotech will meet your demand for a world-class solution.

You will have window and door styles that reflect your taste and meet your requirements better than the wooden one can. With ├ľkotech uPVC you get the look you want for both the inside and outside of your property. And you will also end up doing your bit to help preserve forests.