Customized uPVC windows and doors

Is customization possible with uPVC windows and doors?

Aug Sat, 2020

When building new spaces or renovating old ones, everything is tailor fit to match the functional aesthetics of that space. Just like the decor or the walls, people want everything to be a reflection of their style, including the kind of uPVC windows and doors they choose. With the increasing demand of uPVC windows and doors, multiple options are now available to customize and design these profiles to suit different spaces.

We fully understand this need and offer a range of bespoke options. You can customize uPVC windows and doors from scratch to finish, as per your customer’s requirements. Provide the highest quality uPVC products, made with German technology that are built to last for decades and beyond. Here are some of the many ways in which you can customize the profiles.


uPVC windows and doors come in a range of options including casement windows, villa windows, arch windows, combination windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and doors, slide and fold doors, and casement doors. These different types of uPVC window frames and uPVC door frames can be custom-designed to suit any configuration or dimensions.

Laminated uPVC windows & doors

Your customers can build their dream home with laminated uPVC windows and door profiles. Select from a range of lamination/texture options including natural wood finish in Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany, or simply choose elegant white.


You can offer your customers windows and doors in the colours that suit their design needs, thereby enhancing the look of their spaces. They can now have one colour on the inside while a totally different one on the outside. Choose an edgy blue, elegant white or royal black—whatever colour that matches their style.


Offer customers a choice when it comes to the glass panes for their windows and doors. Add an aesthetic appeal and filter sunlight with tinted glass, soak in great views with clear glass or get the benefit of enhanced security with laminated glass. And if you wish to enhance privacy, go with frosted glass.


Customers can pick between single, double and triple glazed glass units for their uPVC doors and windows based on the thermal efficiency they are looking for. To increase safety they can choose toughened glass which makes their space more secure.


Fiber glass or stainless steel — customize the doors and windows by offering multiple mesh options to make it safer and keep mosquitoes and other insects away without obstructing your view or blocking the ventilation.

uPVC windows with grill

Grills are usually added for extra security and are seen as a functional addition to a space. You can offer uPVC windows with grill and have them beautifully designed, enhancing not only the aesthetics of the windows and doors but the entire façade of the structure. Offer to fix them on the uPVC window frame itself, rather than following the traditional installation system.


Provide customers with high quality hardware that can be added on their uPVC windows and doors. Get everything, including handles, hinges and locks that add to the beauty of their space and provide high functionality and increased security.

Ökotech gives you the flexibility to deliver highly customizable uPVC doors and windows that are highly durable, require minimal maintenance and can be tailor made to fit the needs of your clients. Customize your uPVC profiles, match your customers aesthetic needs and exceed their expectations with Ökotech.