uPVC Profile windows and doors

Fire-Resistant uPVC Windows & Doors Provide a Safe Workplace

Nov Sun, 2022

uPVC Profile windows and doors: In an urban dwelling, fire accidents are not alien to us anymore. An ever-growing population compels the constructional rise of skyscrapers and towers in metropolitan cities, increasing the risk of fire incidents.

Whether a raging fire breaks out as a result of a short circuit, domestic or industrial negligence, or a lack of awareness and execution of proper fire exit strategies, the domino effect of fire makes escaping a fire accident without casualties quite challenging. According to a recent NIST research, over 1.6 million fire incidents have been documented in India by 2021, resulting in 27,027 deaths, including children and senior citizens.

Modern architects, builders, interior designers, home-owners and commercial property owners seek interior solutions that are:

  • aesthetically attractive
  • functionally smooth
  • energy-efficient
  • economically-effective

and long-lasting enough to be able to combat the threat of a fire glaze.

Ever pondered a thought over what could easily check all of these boxes?

Undoubtedly, the lead-free uPVC profiles by ├ľkotech are a great fit for any and every interior space.

Over the last few decades, uPVC has seen an increase in demand throughout the construction and interior design sectors. uPVC profiles have demonstrated an impressive fire performance due to their inherent chlorine content, which acts as a natural fire retardant, making it an exceptionally safe choice for commercial properties.

Remarkable characteristics of uPVC‘s fire performance include:

  1. uPVC has a great resistance to ignitionuPVC profiles can only ignite at temperatures of 391┬░C or above, whereas wood ignites at 260┬░C.
  2. uPVC acts as a self-extinguisher – Once the flame is extinguished at the source, uPVC contains high levels of chlorine to support self-extinguishing of uPVC windows and doors and prevents the fury from escalating in the event of a fire break-out.
  3. uPVC limits flame spread – Since uPVC profiles are low combustible to fire, they have a low flame spread index (FSI) value ranging between 15 and 20 when compared to highly combustible solutions with FSI values ranging between 190 and 230.
  4. uPVC smoke is less harmful – While burning any substance releases a lot of smoke, the smoke hazard from uPVC is substantially lower than that of other materials.

With its strong, environmentally friendly, fire retardant, and versatile properties, uPVC easily satisfies the safety criteria of current interior needs. Besides  fire-resistance, uPVC windows and doors also feature water-resistance, termite-resistance, and all-weather resistance, which makes them an affordable and low-maintenance alternative for huge office spaces.

├ľkotech offers a wide range of premium uPVC products that are precision-engineered leveraging cutting-edge manufacturing technologies. ├ľkotech is one of the most trusted Indian brands that provides end-to-end support for uPVC doors and uPVC windows, owing to a seamlessly integrated network of fabricators that spans across the entire country.