5 signs you need new uPVC profiles

5 signs you need new uPVC profiles

May Mon, 2021

uPVC profiles enjoy widespread popularity thanks to their extreme durability and robust build. With a life expectancy greater than several other traditional window & door building systems, uPVC profiles are equipped to deal with extreme weather conditions, heavy wear and tear and also offer great resistance to UV rays, chemical or saline water impact, moisture and insect infestations.

Designed to make your space look spectacular through years of daily use, uPVC window and door profiles are extremely low on maintenance and high on function. Since uPVC windows and doors play an irreplaceable role in maintaining the structural integrity of your space, it is essential that you take good care of them and revamp or repair them when needed. In certain cases, however, when the profiles have undergone greater impairment, it is best to replace them with new uPVC profiles.

Unsure about whether it’s time to get new uPVC profiles? Here are 5 tell-tale signs for you to make note of.

1. Visible damage
Probably one of the easiest signs to look out for is physical damage. If your windows show visible cracks, faded or rotten areas or have been damaged with force, then you might need to replace them with new uPVC profiles. Fading, warping or bending of windows spoils the stylish aesthetic of a space and brings functional disadvantages to your home. Also look out for any mold or moisture in some areas of the damaged windows.

2. Water seepage or leakage
A fairly common problem, particularly in regions with heavy rainfall or coastal areas, water seepage is one of the biggest reasons for window replacements. If water leakage and related issues are not taken care of promptly, they can damage the structure of the building at large, by weakening its walls and pillars. When getting new uPVC window and door profiles, make sure to buy those that are completely waterproof and leakproof even during extreme rainfall.

3. High energy bills
If you are experiencing extremely hot summers and really cold winters, the reason could be more than the outside weather. The best uPVC window profiles do more than provide fresh air and ventilation. They regulate indoor temperature and offer effective insulation against outside heat. Old or drafty windows can allow more heat to escape, making summers hotter and winters cooler. With time, single-pane or poor quality windows can drastically reduce the thermal efficiency of a house which can result in high energy and electricity bills.

Replace your existing uPVC profiles with Okotech’s superior quality uPVC profiles that can enhance the energy efficiency of a space and cut down energy consumption and electricity bills by up to 30%.

4. Noise pollution
Along with the insulation properties, another feature that loses its effect on the space is noise-reduction or soundproofing. Not only heat or cold, but even harsh, loud noises make their way indoors as windows get old and worn out. This can greatly disrupt the calm environment indoors especially in metro cities or homes located around busy roads or commercial streets. Poor quality uPVC profiles may also not be sealed correctly in the first place, thus adding to the noise pollution.

If you face any of these issues, it is advisable that you opt for double or triple glazed uPVC window profiles that can cut down noise by up to 30-40 dB.

5. Rattling sounds
When window frames have eroded or shrunk over time, they create gaps which often allow water, insects and moisture indoors. Cracked or chipped windows also lead to rattling sounds which makes it difficult to operate these windows smoothly.

Further, windows like these can also add security threats as the frame has weakened and can be pushed open easily even with little force. In such cases, replacing your uPVC profiles is the only ideal solution.

Okotech manufactures world-class uPVC profiles that are built with premium quality, lead-free raw materials using advanced engineering and German precision. All our uPVC profiles are eco-friendly and match the greenline norms of European countries.

Explore our wide range of unmatched uPVC profiles that can be custom-designed to suit your functional and visual requirements and upgrade your space for a hassle-free living.