5 reasons why you should opt for Okotech uPVC profiles

Dec Sun, 2022

When it comes to windows and doors, we have always been disappointed with our prior choices; be it, wood, aluminum, or iron. The introduction of uPVC in the windows and doors market took everything by storm and replaced any woe we had ever faced with uPVC’s previous counterparts. Still, with uPVC profiles reining the Indian market, we are often confused about the brand that we must entrust. There are more than thousands of uPVC profile suppliers in India, but why choose Okotech?

Let us unlock the five reasons why we should opt for Okotech uPVC profiles.

  • Production procedure:

Okotech has a state-of-the-art extrusion facility in Hyderabad which is equipped with top-notch German extrusion lines and NABL-certified machinery to produce the best in-line uPVC profiles. The manufacturing process includes using a superior resin mix and use higher levels of Titanium dioxide (TiO2) and low quantities of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) to our uPVC profiles more durable and robust. This practice is followed by a few select uPVC profile manufacturers in India.

  • Multi-chambered:

Our uPVC profiles are designed with multiple chambers to provide extra strength and resilience to the windows and doors. It has been specially designed to withstand high-speed winds and thunderstorms and torrential rains. This makes Okotech one of the only uPVC profile manufacturers in India to provide such an essential feature.

  • Wall thickness:

Okotech is one of the few uPVC profile manufacturers in India that provide tough uPVC profiles for varied wall thicknesses ranging from 2.5 to 2.8 mm of wall thickness. This high resolution of wall thickness makes it more flexible to fabricate windows and doors. It makes the fabrication process hassle-free and accommodates high and wide windows and doors.

  • Assured quality:

Our internal Quality check and production teams continuously monitor the quality of the product. The internal monitoring of the profiles is done round the clock, 24/7. At every stage, each profile is tested and then processed further. Each batch of Okotech uPVC profiles undergoes 18 quality parameter checks, before being deemed as a proud Okotech uPVC profile.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials:

Okotech uPVC profiles are 100% eco-friendly and backed by superior German technology. The production plant is outfitted with a state-of-the-art extrusion unit and other cutting-edge technology to offer the finest profiles by maintaining Multi-chambered sections with innovative double-seal mechanisms that properly insulate a home against heat. The material’s high heat insulation capabilities also help lower electricity expenses.

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Okotech was created with a strong desire to make superior, seamless uPVC profiles. Aiming to provide uPVC profiles of the highest calibre and exquisite quality, to be known as the top uPVC profile manufacturers in India, and assist all Indian uPVC profile manufacturers in gaining a greater and better Okotech edge for their companies. Explore more about us: https://okotech.in/.