uPVC Fabricators

4 value chain commitments every fabricator needs

Jan Fri, 2020

For a fabricator to succeed, he needs a combination of a great product and exceptional service. A slight glitch even in one of the two, could mean disappointment from existing clients and losing out on potential ones.

At Ökotech we never let our fabricator partner network down, no matter where their business is located; how large or small their order placing track record; or how quickly their requirements are wanted. We extend an uncompromising support throughout the window and door lifecycle – before, during and after fabrication.

Precision Is The Big Secret

Ă–kotech uPVC profiles are precision engineered and come with superior sealing technology to ensure optimal performance and eliminate the need for additional manual labor during fabrication.

For profile systems that do require manual seal insertion, Ă–kotech profile can come with precision grooves and detailing to make it simpler, easier and quicker to add during the fabrication process.

Our designs for brackets, gaskets and fasteners, in addition to direct screw connections are additional examples of the benefits Ă–kotech precision engineering brings to reduce fabrication time.

Saving Time and Money

Savings for our partners begin with making fabrication easy and hassle-free for them. They can focus on delighting their customers, while we focus on helping our partners take full advantage of Ökotech’s most comprehensive support package that is extended to our fabricator network.

We use high quality, eco-friendly raw materials. We are obsessed with maintaining design integrity, optimal use of state-of-the-art extrusion capability and carry out comprehensive testing at every stage of production.

These are all part of Ökotech’s unique fabricator partner service that never waver – order to order, system to system, and batch to batch.

Designing For Partner Success

Every Ă–kotech uPVC window and door profile is designed to make it easy to fabricate and assemble. This factor is ensured even before the uPVC profile is shipped.

Every innovation and design enhancement is incorporated to save you precious time, right from fabrication to installation to responsive customer service. When this is combined with unmatched energy efficiency, durability, aesthetics and customer satisfaction, our fabricator partners deliver a winning end solution, every time!

Check it out with any of our existing Ökotech partner, they’ll tell you how we do just that and without fail.

Never Say “NO” To Customers

Every customer is different, so is every project. That’s why we offer a variety of different frame options to meet any installation need. We also provide you an option to offer customized solutions to your customers – whether commercial, residential, new construction or replacement.

You also achieve system-to-system synergy with Ă–kotech. All common design elements are engineered across all window and door systems, reducing the number of required SKUs. Additionally, the option of direct-set glazing means there is no need to stock separate picture-window and vent frames. This automatically reduces costs and cuts the inventory levels a fabricator partner needs to carry.

Stand Out. Gain Market Share

Ökotech never forgets that at the end of the day it’s our partners’ reputation on the line. Customers expect you to deliver quality products as promised with every order.

As our partners across the country will attest, Ă–kotech goal is to help you thrill your customers with uPVC window and door profiles that cut outside noise, block drafts and moisture, operate with ease, require little maintenance and most important of all, fabricated, delivered and installed on time.

Ă–kotech will do everything possible to help our partners become a destination of choice for the discerning architects, builders and homeowners.