why fabricators prefer OKOTECH uPVC profiles

10 Reasons Why OKOTECH uPVC Fabricators Beat Competition

Aug Mon, 2019

Among India’s most recognizable names of uPVC window and door profiles, OKOTECH has grown into a network of reputed fabricator partners spread across the country. Today, you will find an OKOTECH fabricator in almost every large city in the North, West and East, as well as in South of the country.

Here are 10 reasons why our fabricator partner prefer only OKOTECH uPVC profiles. And why windows built and installed with OKOTECH state-of-the-art-technology raises the aesthetics, comfort levels and the value of any property in which OKOTECH is installed.

1. OKOTECH uPVC window and door profile systems are easy & fast to assemble & install

Single glazing bead makes each OKOTECH profile much easier to install on site, letting our fabricator partners and their fabrication team complete fittings quickly while retaining quality and maximizing profitability.

2. OKOTECH’s smooth & rounded profiles create sleeker aesthetics

OKOTECH’s profile curves show off softer sculptured lines in the frame, sash and glazing bead, resulting in a very attractive and smoother finished look that homeowners find very attractive.

3. OKOTECH profiles meet and exceed all European & American standards

This enables our fabricator partners across the country to add OKOTECH profiles to their product portfolio with complete confidence, as all our uPVC profiles are engineered in compliance with recognized world standards.

4. OKOTECH is available in woodgrain & coloured finishes 

OKOTECH has invested heavily in an extensive range of woodgrain foils and colour finishes to give our fabricator partners the ability to offer and meet the needs and wants of individual builders and home owner.

5. OKOTECH is extruded using lead-free uPVC Greenline compound

OKOTECH profiles are eco-friendly and have been designed to help preserve nature’s resources, and is extruded using lead-free compound – Greenline. Show your customers that you are also as concerned about the environment as they are.

6. OKOTECH’s 5 chambered profile boosts thermal performance

Unlike what is typically the case with profiles, OKOTECH profiles bring our fabricator partners the benefits of opting for 3 chambered design as well as 5 chambered profiles. Ensuring their customers enjoy the benefits of keeping cool in summer and warm in winters, as well as reduce their exposure to UV radiation, pollution, noise and benefit from improved health, energy and thermal efficiency.

7. OKOTECH is the perfect choice for residential homeowners
OKOTECH is durable, low in maintenance, and can be configured to any shape, size, and style desired by your customers. Our fabricator partners can offer their customers bespoke uPVC profiles for doors and windows systems others may not be in a position to offer.

8. OKOTECH is tested & proven in the extremes of Indian climate and conditions
All OKOTECH uPVC profiles are tested to ensure the very best performance in all weather conditions. They have been proven to perform in various kinds of extreme weather conditions. From testing frames to withstand high wind pressures to exposing them to strong UV exposure, heavy storms, and freezing temperatures, the system has come through with flying colours.

9. OKOTECH comes with Integrated multi-point locking system
OKOTECH makes use of integrated multi-point locking systems, and come with lockable handles – increasing safety, security and ensuring peace of mind for owners and builders alike.

10. OKOTECH on-time & on-budget delivery
OKOTECH helps fabricator partners add more value to customers by sticking to delivery schedules no matter what quantities the orders from their customers add up to. Team OKOTECH will fulfill fabricator partner orders and assist them in completing their projects on time and on budget. Every time!