Why uPVC windows are ideal for use in high rise residential buildings

Jul Sun, 2022

With one of the most rapid rates of urbanization in the world, Indian cities are growing vertically, and fast! Living in a high-rise residential building is quickly becoming the norm rather than the exception in most major cities across the country. Our modern-day homes come with a lot of amenities and fixtures, but moving into a high-rise residential building comes with its own set of challenges.

Whether you’re moving into a high-rise building for the first time, or you’re simply looking to redesign your home, the type of window style you choose can go a long way in avoiding issues like water seepage, rattling, corrosion, and more. This is why high-quality uPVC windows with a grill & mesh are the ideal choice for flats in high-rise buildings.

Strong Winds

Flats in the higher floors of buildings are bound to witness strong winds, which can cause rattling of the windows. To prevent this, Ökotech uPVC windows profiles come with a ‘Hurricane Bar’, which is designed to withstand wind loads of more than 3000 pascals. This ‘Hurricane Bar’ provides extra security and protection, while also ensuring that you don’t have to put up with the rattling and whistling sounds that are caused by strong winds.

Water Seepage

uPVC windows and doors are built to withstand any type of extreme weather, including heavy rains and the high speed wind conditions that high-rise buildings witness during a storm. uPVC is a non-corrosive material and therefore totally immune to the constant spray of dense rain, even if it is corrosive seawater in the case of homes in a coastal area. They are completely water-tight when fitted properly, and will not allow even a trickle of water to dampen your home.

Easy to maintain

uPVC windows in residential buildings are a perfect fit because they are also termite-proof, do not rust, corrode or fade, do not support fire combustion, and best of all, they are very easy to maintain. Just regular dusting and an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth will keep them looking pristine for years to come. High-rise buildings bear the brunt of the elements in any season, and your uPVC windows with a grill & mesh should be built to withstand these harsh conditions while still keeping your indoors dry, clean, safe, and warm.

What’s more, with Ökotech, you have the option of customizing almost every aspect of the uPVC window – start by selecting a window style from among – Sliding, Casement, Arch, Combination, Villa, or Tilt & Turn windows – then move on to customizing the colour of the profile, lamination, single, double or triple glazing, type of glass, mesh & grill options, and beyond. High-quality uPVC windows in residential buildings also have a very positive impact on the home’s value in the short and long term.

Why Ökotech is the preferred choice of millions

As a part of the reputed Aparna Group, at Ökotech we have built world-class manufacturing infrastructure and put stringent quality control measures in place, which have helped us to exceed the mark of 1.5 million uPVC windows & doors installations across India, making us one of the most trusted & preferred choice of uPVC windows and doors suppliers delivering high quality products combined with complete end-to-end solutions and excellent customer support.