Why the Ökotech Ö10 Profile Sliding Series is the ideal choice for uPVC Fabricators

Feb Mon, 2022

Bespoke uPVC door and window systems are what Ökotech is known for throughout the country. The Ö10 profile series brought to you by Ökotech, one of India’s leading uPVC manufacturers, is one of the most preferred door systems of architects, builders and homeowners alike, thanks to their high weatherability, high malleability and pollution-resistant qualities.

These uPVC door systems are meticulously engineered using world-class manufacturing equipment from Germany, and undergo a set of rigorous and meticulous quality checks to ensure that each and every product is consistently of the highest quality.

At Ökotech, we understand that every building, and every resident, comes with their own unique set of requirements and preferences. This is why we offer a wide scope for customization of our uPVC door systems, which can be configured to the specific demands of a customer – with a width of up to 18 feet and a height of up to 10 feet.

Benefits of the Ökotech Ö10 Profile Sliding Series:

  • 100% lead-free uPVC profiles
  • Multi-chamber uPVC profiles
  • uPVC profiles with a wall thickness of 2.8mm +/- 0.2mm which makes them robust & durable
  • Equipped to provide 10 feet high and 18 feet wide doors
  • The 4 track uPVC profiles are manufactured to accommodate 8 panels with up to 18 feet width and 10 feet height doors
  • Equipped to provide partition doors with a width of more than 10 meters
  • Backed by cutting-edge technology that allows us to provide doors with up to 12 to 13 feet width and 8 feet height with only 2 panels

Use of auxiliary profiles

Auxiliary uPVC profiles can be used in door and window systems to increase the application shapes of windows and doors. uPVC Fabricators are able to use these products to meet and exceed customer expectations. Many of the auxiliary profiles by Ökotech can be used with almost all uPVC door and window systems. They add durability & longevity, and are visually integrated into the systems that they are used in.

A part of the reputed Aparna Group, Ökotech consistently delivers high-performance, lead-free uPVC profiles, manufactured using state-of-art German technology. These profiles can be easily customized to meet the unique needs & preferences of every client.

As one of India’s leading uPVC manufacturers, Ökotech is a trusted name among uPVC brands, backed by a strong production capacity, and a seamlessly integrated, wide network of professionally skilled uPVC fabricators, who are committed to deliver high-quality products to meet the contemporary needs of our Indian and international clientele.

Ökotech’s premium range of uPVC door and window profiles are meticulously engineered to ensure uniformity of colour, a smooth appearance and the elimination of even the most diminutive defects. So when you choose Ökotech, you have made the right choice!