Why Are uPVC Profiles The Best Choice For Indian Weather?

Oct Wed, 2023

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) profiles have grown popular in recent years and are frequently used in houses. uPVC, a polymer composite, is lightweight, robust, durable, affordable, termite-proof, and can be coloured in a variety of colours. It can even be coloured to seem like wood. Aside from these benefits, uPVC doors never rot, flake, rust, fade, pit, peel, or corrode. Maintenance is as simple as a mild soapy wash and a check of the seals.

Furthermore, we will explore the benefits of adopting uPVC materials and how they might assist daily living in India dependent on the weather.

Excellent Doors & Windows
uPVC is most commonly used with doors and windows and thanks to water resistance and low-cost manufacturing it is easily accessible and affordable for both homes and company buildings. It doesn’t wear down easily and is sure to serve many good years from the time it is first installed. It’s a stiff, strong, and rigid material that will not give way to any weathering effects and is often a great replacement when getting rid of wooden or metal profiles.

Durability you can trust
Unlike PVC, which is flexible, uPVC does not include any plasticizers, making it a strong and long-lasting polymer that is also inexpensive to create. uPVC profiles would be ideal for homes and offices in India since they are not only light and strong, they also do not react to water, which is a significant benefit given India’s high humidity.

Energy – Efficient
uPVC profiles are far superior to wood profiles, which tend to crack quickly and become fairly frail. They also provide noise insulation and don’t require any upkeep. Not only that, they have excellent heat insulation, which can only imply one thing: decreased air conditioning bills. Incorporating uPVC profiles into new houses may save as much as 20 – 25 per cent on heating and cooling costs.

Weather – Resistant
uPVC profiles do not rot or corrode and are dust-proof, which is a big bonus when you live in Central India and are subject to dust storms. Last but not the least, they prevent heat from entering the home or estate and it is not easy to ignite them. This is a high-quality product with a wide range of styles suited to meet every expectation.

All of India’s diverse climates will not be able to wear and tear these profiles anytime soon after installation, be it for doors or windows.

If you’re looking for the best uPVC profiles for Indian climate conditions, try OKOTECH uPVC profiles, which are made with top German technology and are well-suited to the Indian environment and lifestyle. OKOTECH uPVC profiles with profile series Ö5, Ö7, and Ö10, provide consumers with a delightfully comfortable atmosphere in any house, even in India’s hottest summers and coldest winters. These profiles are fire and water-resistant, and they also come with high-security windows to help you keep your home safe. OKOTECH uPVC profiles are termite and pest-free, unlike wood windows and doors, which are often used in India.

Discover the appeal of our uPVC profiles and permanently modify the appearance of your living space with Okotech.