Why are uPVC Profiles Miles Ahead in Benefits Compared to Others?

Oct Fri, 2023

Building construction, whether residential or commercial, necessitates the use of profiled doors and windows. Traditionally, wood was the initial material of choice for creating these features. Because of the rapid improvement of architectural technology, the most recent addition to the list is Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) as the favoured option of builders.

There is huge potential for the expansion of uPVC Profiles for Doors and Windows.

Why are Indians interested in uPVC windows and doors?

  • Urbanisation: With rapid urbanisation,  development of residential flats is accelerating. Importantly, the Indian government has announced smart city initiatives. Lower-priced, lower-quality materials occupying the thoughts of naive builders in India are being replaced by the growing understanding of the cost-efficiency of uPVC profiles.
  • Availability: Availability of high-quality uPVC profiles from famous manufacturers such as Okotech via internet channels, wherever the need arises. According to experts, the market for uPVC profiles would reach more than Rs.1500 crores by 2022.
  • Eco-Friendly: You need not be concerned about utilising uPVC Profiles since the government is adopting regulations to ban the use of materials that cause pollution. 

While fixing inside and outside of a premises, the doors and windows profiles are expected to have certain characteristics. They are –

  • Looking elegant and attractive
  • Longer lasting and durability
  • Washable; water resistant and weather resistant
  • No heat-conduction and retaining coolness
  • Not susceptible to attacks from termites or pests
  • Recyclable and therefore environmental pollution-free
  • Importantly cost effective

If you purchase any of the uPVC Profiles, i.e., uPVC Window profile; uPVC Door profile; lead-free uPVC profiles, as well as their uPVC Sliding Systems and uPVC Casement Systems, etc., made by competent and seasoned firms like Okotech, you will fulfil the aforementioned standards overwhelmingly. This is made possible by Okotech’s use of cutting-edge German technology in manufacturing processes and Quality Assurance methods at every level to ensure world-class quality.

Since all these uPVC Profiles are finished with a gleaming surface, and you can apply any colour shade as you please (including that of a varnished-wood look), they retain a pleasant appearance for years, without fading and de-coloring over a period.

The input-material, Unplasticised PVC, is of a superior quality than plastic polymer; it is sturdy, unbreakable, lightweight and flexible for any design, to resist any damage whatsoever. Hence, long-life is ensured. 

You can apply water and wash the profile-surface to make it clean, tidy and looking fresh always. No water seepage and therefore no deterioration even if rain or storm water lashes; and no shrinkage by cold weather to get chipped off.

uPVC profiles do not conduct heat (or electricity). So even in the scorching Sun during summer, you can feel happy and cool inside; similarly during winter, the warmth of the rooms will be kept steady. Thus your air-conditioner cost comes down drastically.

This uPVC is strong and no pests or termites can attack them, to cause damage like wood; even salty wind will not have any repercussions or penetration.

The German Technology based uPVC Profiles such as uPVC Window profile and uPVC door profile etc. are 100% lead free uPVC profiles. So they are ideal for use in “Green Houses”. The awareness of Environmental Pollution caused by construction materials has become wide and popular of late, and Governments are enacting rules to prohibit usage of pollution-causing materials. You need not worry at all when using these uPVC Profiles in this regard.

At Okotech manufacturing plant, we use sophisticated Extrusion Plant with high-tech lab, to enable clinical precision moulds for making profiles with impeccable dimensional accuracy and wonderful surface finish. Lamination is done with a variety of colours and textures, as per the customer’s choice.

Okotech makes use of a multi-chamber system, high-quality materials and the lamination process with multi-colors. This results in superior quality outputs in Doors and Windows uPVC Profiles. The added advantage is derived by the process of galvanised steel reinforcement, which guarantees added strength and multi-colour choices for the end-user.

The all-important cost-consideration in buying and using Okotech uPVC Profiles escalates the value of these profiles, compared to other materials. Considering all the above-explained advantages  of uPVC and the cheap cost of mass-production, you will be happy that you are buying something which is ten-time worth of the money you are paying!

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