uPVC windows perfect for all seasons

5 Reasons uPVC Windows Are Perfect for All Seasons

Apr Mon, 2024

Incorporating a blend of polymers and chemicals, uPVC windows provide a lightweight but durable material for window frames. These windows are best for use in all seasons. Affordable, thermally efficient, and soundproof, they also reduce carbon emissions. Their energy efficiency is first-rate. They have a trendy, contemporary feel, come in various shapes and textures, and are easy to find. Here are the 5 compelling reasons why uPVC windows outperform aluminum and wood, along with prime examples of its versatile use in all seasons. Okotech Windows has become India’s famous uPVC window manufacturer with a long history of creating high-quality windows and frames. 


Upright polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows are impervious to corrosion, chipping, and decay even in the harshest environments. Unlike wood and other materials, they need occasional cleaning and are unaffected by sunlight. Upright polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows stand out from the alternatives made of natural materials because they never need maintenance. Even rats, termites, and insects aren’t much of a threat.


uPVC windows have several advantages, including a decrease in ambient noise. This is a significant perk of uPVC windows, for sure. uPVC windows can cut outside noise by almost half compared to other window types. The uPVC windows and double-glazed glass panels work together to reduce outside noise drastically.


Upright polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) windows are less expensive and require less upkeep than traditional wood-framed windows. You won’t have to prime, paint, and sand your old windows nearly as often as you would with these. Are you looking for windows that won’t warp or rot? uPVC is your best bet. Simple and inexpensive maintenance chores include cleaning off surfaces regularly. 

Fire Retardant 

According to building rules, Windows must be constructed with fire-rated materials, such as uPVC, to prevent the outward spread of fire. Because of the chlorine content, uPVC is naturally flame-resistant and will not catch fire or spread. It self-extinguishes in the case of a fire because smoke and flames may escape via its holes. Thus, uPVC is the material that offers the highest level of fire safety. 

Energy Efficiency

Because of its insulating and low-conducting properties, uPVC window frames may improve energy efficiency. Constructing a sealed air system guarantees that the inside temperature is consistently ideal. This eco-friendly approach aims to save money on heating and cooling costs, increase energy efficiency, and decrease individual carbon footprints. 


Frequently Asked Question’s


Is uPVC weatherproof?

Yes, uPVC is weatherproof, resisting rain, wind, and sunlight damage.

Does uPVC expand in Cold?

No, uPVC remains stable in cold temperatures and does not expand.

Does uPVC fade in the sun?

No, uPVC is formulated to resist fading from sunlight, maintaining its colour and appearance.