emerging uPVC profiles market

Do uPVC profiles provide a great market opportunity for this growing economy?

Dec Thu, 2017

Gone are the days when windows and doors used to be an object in a house or building. They have become a very vital part of home decor and furnishings. In recent times traditional wooden and iron windows and doors have been replaced by uPVC. These sleek and suave uPVC solutions are quite a popular trend now and have broken the monotony of the windows, doors and profiles industry.

Are they worth the hype? Are uPVC profiles now a great market opportunity? Let’s find out.

–    An emerging market:

The Indian windows and doors industry is valued at Rs 16,000 crores approximately and uPVC windows and doors have a substantial share of contribution in it. uPVC profiles have gained a significant market share and now many leading uPVC manufacturing players have emerged in this trade. uPVC profiles are accepted worldwide for their robust features and excellent weather resistance capabilities. Now, following the trend, India has dipped its toe and is rapidly changing the face of the traditional windows and profiles industry in India. India’s climatic conditions and evolving lifestyles of buyers are the main features that contributed to the growth of uPVC share in the fenestration industry.

–    High potential for growth:

The consumers are now very aware of their choices and are passionate about new inventions and objects which can change the look and decor of a structure. With the changing preferences of the consumers in urban areas incoherence to the uPVC windows and doors trend, there is a huge potential for dealers and fabricators. They can now look towards the alternatives to aluminium and wood. Windows and Doors industry are ready to embrace the uPVC profiles revolution that is beckoning. With the growth in infrastructure and construction, there is a speculation that the uPVC profiles industry will soar high. It will brim with opportunities for entrepreneurs to be involved in the fabrication of uPVC windows and doors as dealers and fabricators.

–    Overcoming obstacles:

A lot of major players in the uPVC profiles market provide a dealership model. They do not just sell premium and well-manufactured uPVC profiles but also educate their dealers and fabricators with ‘know-how’ assistance. Their expert teams provide guidance as and when required to fabricate the best windows and doors. They also help them understand the nuances of the market and provide necessary hardware for fabrication if required.

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