The many features & benefits of the Ö7 Profile Series

Jan Mon, 2022

When one stares in awe at a starry night sky, gleaming little stars that form a significant part of the boundless sky catch the eye while radiating their natural glow upon the land below, beckoning a ray of fresh spark into the world. Likewise, uPVC sliding windows and doors as well as uPVC casement windows and doors act as a shield to the ambient openings of an interior space, inviting ample natural light and ventilation into indoor spaces.

While stars are labelled as the shimmering celestial objects primarily constituent of fire, windows and doors are vital elements of any indoor space, strengthened by well-designed profile frames that are robust enough to support other elements of windows and doors. uPVC windows and doors are designed to overcome threats of termites, noise pollutants and climatic damages among other wear and tear issues that are faced by traditional profile frame materials. Beyond adding to the beauty of captivating interiors, Ö7 Profile Series can be easily tailored to match the needs and preferences of a vast clientele.

Architects vouch for the superior quality of uPVC profiles which provide seamless functionality with an aesthetic appeal that glam up properties of their clients. Fabricators ride in the tide of innovation to provide revolutionary products at affordable prices that helps them stay committed to their business objectives, thereby prefer uPVC technology for offering durable solutions to clients. Home-owners opt for nothing short of paramount to build a paradise where elegance meets comfort. Home-owners define the best interior solutions to be environment-friendly, long-lasting, economical and equipped with hassle-free functionality that gives an aesthetically pleasing impression to their house. uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows tick off all the boxes effortlessly, making uPVC technology the premier choice of home-owners.

What drives Ökotech  Ö7 Profile Series to the fore?

  • Sustainable Choice: Ö7 Profile Series consists of a range of lead-free uPVC profiles produced using eco-friendly extrusion facilities with several quality checks to ensure that they are completely non-toxic and safe for infants as well as other inmates of any space.
  • Multi-Chambered uPVC Profiles: uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows can be customized into multiple chambers offering efficient double or triple glazing options that secure the indoor spaces better against air and noise pollutants.
  • Sleek Design: Low-width of Ö7 Profile Series offer wider space for large glass surfaces which enhance the ambient beauty of uPVC sliding windows and uPVC casement windows.
  • Impressive Sealing System: Ökotech uPVC sliding window profiles and uPVC casement window profiles are engineered with precision to ensure optimal sealing system of the elements of uPVC profiles frame, leaving no room for gaps to allow noise, air or water pollutants from threatening the serenity of any indoor space.
  • Cutting-Edge Manufacturing Technologies: Our manufacturing and extrusion facilities are completely equipped with superior German technology to offer a premium range of Ö7 Profile Series that can be easily customized to suit windows and doors of any interior space, whether high-rise buildings, mansions or compact residential and commercial properties.

Benefits Ö7 Sliding Series

  • Can incorporate multiple glazing choices
  • Sizes of uPVC profiles range upto 60 mm width and 52 mm height
  • Slim frame width to allow wider glass surfaces.
  • Suitable for wall thickness ranging between 2.2 to 2.5 mm
  • Suitable for doors with larger height dimensions upto 7 feet.

Benefits Ö7 Casement Series

  • Suitable for compact homes to provide additional living space.
  • Tenacity of uPVC profiles make them suitable for exposed areas such as high-rise buildings.
  • Sizes of uPVC profiles range upto 60 mm width and 52 mm height
  • Suitable for wall thickness ranging between 2.2 to 2.5 mm
  • Sleek design of uPVC profiles makes them ideal for walls with minimal area to incorporate a sliding system.
  • Cuts down noise pollution by up to 40 dBA

Committed to delivering excellence to a broad clientele including architects, builders, and home-owners, we at Ökotech strive to understand the taste and preferences of our esteemed clients in order to provide unmatched quality, hassle-free installation and the flexibility of customization. Our dedicated and skilled team of professionals are directed towards ensuring a hassle-free installation of Ö7 Profile Series at your plush interior spaces.