uPVC Customization

The Customization Options Available with Okotech’s uPVC Window and Door Profiles

Dec Sat, 2023

The window or door frame is the most visible part of a house which is why it is important to choose the right one. At Okotech, you can choose from a wide range of uPVC windows and doors to create a perfect aesthetic look for your home. To make this process easier and faster, we offer customisation options that let you choose what fits your requirements best.

Add a touch of your dream colour!

If you are looking for uPVC windows and doors of a certain colour, you can select the option of colour for the profiles and we can make them for you. This way, you can get the desired colour finish for your windows and doors without having to compromise on the quality of the product.

Colours like bold-black, elegant-white, and edgy-blue are some of our most popular ones.

Laminate as you desire!

Lamination is a technique used to protect the surface of the windows and doors from any damage. At Okotech, you can choose from a wide range of laminations that are suitable for different climatic conditions and for use in different parts of the house. You can select the option of lamination for your uPVC windows and doors according to your requirements and we will make them for you. Our wide range of lamination and texture options include natural wood finish in Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany.

Glass customisations that make your home look vibrant!

If you want to add an aesthetic and luxurious look to your windows and doors, you can choose the customisation option of glass. This way, you can get the perfect finish according to your requirements. At Okotech, we offer a wide range of glass types including toughened glass, tinted glass, clear glass, and frosted glass. You can select the type of glass according to your needs and we will make it for you.

Keeping you safe from insects with mesh and grill customization!

The best way to let more light into your house is by installing uPVC windows and doors. Apart from letting in light, they are also an excellent way to increase the aesthetics of your home. You can select the option of mesh or grill like SS mesh and Fibre mesh for your windows and doors to get the perfect finish according to your requirements.

Ensure your outside security with hardware customization!

The windows and doors’ hardware supports the locking systems, hinges, and handles. At Okotech, you can choose from a wide range according to your requirements. Each profile will be fixed with a robust set of hardware to make the profiles perform better in the long run.

Choose what suits you best and make your home look even more beautiful. Whether you want to go for a classy look or an aesthetic look, you can choose the suitable customisation option from Okotech and make it perfect for your house. Not just the customisation, Okotech uPVC profiles come with an excellent post-sale service and a professional installation process.