Is wooden lamination a better choice when installing uPVC profiles?

Oct Fri, 2023

Profiles of uPVC windows and doors are laminated so that they look aesthetically more pleasing. Installing uPVC frames is the best choice and adding a touch of customisation does the right justice to them. Considering the fact that uPVC profiles are robust, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient, they give users the edge of flexibility by offering various customisation options in terms of colour, size, shape, glazing, hardware, and more. 

In such cases, wooden lamination is a perfect addition to the uPVC frame installed in any space, be it residential or commercial. 

Let’s look into some of the benefits that laminated uPVC windows and doors offer:

Ease of maintenance:
Laminating the uPVC windows or doors comes with a great advantage, such as low maintenance. Since this customisation comes with a robust transparent layer, it helps protect the core frame of uPVC and makes it easier to maintain the windows or doors.

Weather protection:
The lamination adds up as a layer to the existing uPVC frame which makes it stronger and more resistant to any weather conditions. This also benefits the user with outstanding security, given the strength of the frame.

Most of the lamination for uPVC comes with eco-friendly nature making them the perfect choice for anyone to be able to live a sustainable life. The features of eco-friendly lamination are lead-free, non-toxic, and minimum wastage by ensuring energy conservation.

Laminated uPVC windows completely transform any room, be it inside, outdoors, or even a place of work. They elevate the attractiveness quotient of furniture or a garden.  They also make any space’s theme more visually appealing.

Termites are a current problem for anyone installing uPVC materials, however, customisations like lamination provide strength and function as termite resistant. It is therefore the ideal termite-resistant choice.

Desired Colour Customisation:
Depending on the provider, the wooden lamination is available in a variety of colours; it is up to you to select the ideal source who provides a wide range of colour options.

Okotech on the other hand offers colour choices like:

  • Walnut
  • Dark Oak
  • Rustic
  • Mahagoni
  • Golden Oak

These colour options provide you the extra freedom to select the shade that best suits your preferences and the aesthetics of your house. 

So, if you want to laminate uPVC profiles with a touch of wooden texture and refinement, consider Okotech. In addition to lamination customisation, Okotech lead-free uPVC profiles come with a comprehensive range of top-notch hardware, mesh and grill, glass, and profile colour customisations that are ideal for any space.